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Crushing Hotel Sleep Insomnia

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As a corporate traveler, or a normal human being, we all experience insomnia from time to time. It can be caused by stress, anxiety, and time zone changes. All three of these conditions are usually present during a business trip. The first night in a hotel is almost always a tough one due to jet lag.

Why You Can’t Sleep

You’ve likely seen those people who can sleep anywhere, right? They cram themselves into small places and head blissfully to sleep at will. These are the same people who easily fall asleep in a strange hotel bed. For most people, sleeping in a hotel bed can be a frustrating experience – especially the first night, in a new time zone. Jet lag is the most common reason travelers can’t fall asleep. Additionally, sleeping in a different bed also plays a role. Combine that with the excitement of being on a trip and you can end up watching the clock tick all night long. During the first night, your body must adjust to a new bed, a new pillow, a new time zone and a new climate. This is a problem for most travelers – business and leisure alike.

How to Beat Hotel Insomnia

With a little planning before a trip and some actions you can take during your trip, it is possible to beat hotel insomnia. Make sure your hotel is not located next to train tracks or under the flight path of an airport. Check Google Maps and see what’s around the hotel. Check out the hotel reviews and see if there are any comments about noise. Do some research and make sure you’re not choosing a noisy hotel.

All About Timing

Depending on time zone differences, jet lag could play a huge role in preventing good sleep. If you are traveling far away from your home time zone, the time difference will likely play a significant role in your sleep patterns once you arrive. When it is 11pm in New York, a Californian would feel like it was only 7pm. You can adjust your sleep schedule before your trip begins by getting up earlier or staying up later so the time difference won’t be so bad.

Sleep Aids

Bring along whatever your body needs to fall asleep. Whether that means earplugs, Melatonin, an eye mask, or a white noise machine – bring it. Popular and safe over the counter sleep medications include Melatonin, ZZZQuil, Tylenol PM and NyQuil that will get you to sleep, and help with jet lag headaches. YouTube has great sleep hypnosis videos called “Guided Sleep Meditation”. Pro Tip: Nyquil works great!

Other Sleep Aids

There are a few other remedies for helping you get to sleep. Many sleep issues are related to hydration issues. Drink plenty of water to help with jet lag, reduce headaches, and fall asleep quicker! A cool, dark room will help you sleep better. Lower the temperature in your room and draw the blackout blinds.

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