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3 Practical Ways to Stay Healthy While Traveling

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As business travel resumes, corporate travelers are flocking to the skies again. You may be concerned about upcoming business trips and your personal safety. One thing to take note of – air travel is much safer than was previously expected and that is largely due to the mask mandates while traveling on a plane.

According to the CDC, you have a relatively low chance of contracting COVID while traveling. As long as you take precautions by wearing your mask and using the antibacterial wipes that most airlines provide during boarding, you should be fairly safe.

While taking precautions like wearing a mask and sanitizing your seat area, there are two other things that you can do. Following the pandemic specific travel policies established by your company can also help keep you safe. These policies should include whether shared rides in chauffeured vehicles is allowed. Hand shaking policies are a must. We recommend you continue to avoid them and go for the first bump, elbow bump or even a wave. While we wear masks on the plane, what are the policies of the destination you are heading to. What are your company’s expectations about masks while working on a customer’s job site? Even things as simple as meals between co-workers should be discussed. Is it better to order room service and eat alone? Most importantly, what steps should you take if you get sick while out on the road? Following company policies can protect you.

Communicate. Communicate. Communicate.

Our final tip for helping corporate travelers feel safe about traveling for work is simple: Communicate. They say that you have to hear something seven times to sink in. Before you head out on a trip, discuss any concerns with your company about traveling. Will they be providing masks and hand sanitizer? It’s okay if they don’t. You just need to have that communicated so you can plan ahead.

Some Other Ideas to Consider

Travel during a pandemic is different. Here’s a few other ideas for corporate travelers to consider before traveling:

  • Use a high-quality face mask
  • Carry travel-sized hand sanitizer
  • Book separate cars from Ecko Worldwide
  • Never share a hotel room with a co-worker

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