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Greetings friends,

 Happy New Year! 2023 was filled with memorable moments and I am looking forward to this new year ahead. I hope everyone had a great holiday season spent with family and friends. I enjoyed my time with the kids while they were out of school for the winter break.
We always include an educational article in our newsletter that is intended to benefit our many corporate travelers. Make sure you take time to read the one we've included in this month's newsletter. It consists of trends in travel for 2024.

A few weeks ago I attended the Greater California Livery Association Annual Meeting and Awards Gala in Newport Beach, California. The event featured recognition of its new board members as well thanking those that have been on the board over the years. It was truly a fun night. I am proud to serve as 1st Vice President of GCLA. We always enjoy spending time with our industry friends and I am so proud of our team and the industry around us! Wishing everyone a prosperous and successful 2024!

I hope you enjoy the rest of our newsletter. On behalf of our entire team, I sincerely thank you for being a loyal client. Remember, we always deliver - Satisfaction in Every Turn™.

Cheers to 2024,

Harry Dillon
Harry Dhillon,
The News

Coming Soon: Facial Recognition and Self Service TSA Screening

Navigating the future in a world where technology continues to evolve at an unprecedented pace, the aviation industry is gearing up for a groundbreaking transformation in 2024. Two key innovations, facial recognition and Self-Service TSA Screening, are set to redefine the airport experience, promising increased efficiency, enhanced security, and a smoother journey for travelers. If your travels will take you to Las Vegas soon, you can try it yourself as they launch it at Harry Reid International Airport.

Facial Recognition Takes Flight
Imagine walking into an airport and seamlessly moving through check-in, security, and boarding without the need for physical documents or boarding passes. This vision is becoming a reality with the widespread adoption of facial recognition technology. In 2024, airports around the world are set to implement advanced facial recognition systems to streamline the passenger experience.

How it Works
Facial recognition at airports involves capturing and analyzing unique facial features to verify a person's identity. Passengers will enroll in the system by providing a photo and other relevant information during the booking process. Upon arrival at the airport, cameras will scan faces, matching them against the stored data to facilitate a seamless and contactless journey.

Efficiency: Facial recognition eliminates the need for traditional check-in and boarding processes, reducing wait times and congestion at various points in the airport.
Enhanced Security: The technology enhances security by accurately verifying identities, reducing the risk of fraudulent activities or unauthorized access.
Contactless Travel: In a post-pandemic world, minimizing physical contact is crucial. Facial recognition enables a touchless experience, promoting hygiene and safety.

Self-Service TSA Screening
Taking the concept of self-checkout to new heights, airports are also looking to revolutionize the security screening process through self-service options. The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is exploring innovative ways to empower passengers to take control of their security screening, making the process more efficient and passenger-friendly. Las Vegas will be a prototype for the self-service screening and is expected to be operational for TSA PreCheck travelers sometime in March. If the Las Vegas test is a success, it may be deployed to more airports in the future. However, TSA stated that may not happen for years.

Key Features
Automated Baggage Screening: Passengers can use designated kiosks to securely and efficiently screen their own baggage, reducing dependence on traditional conveyor belt systems.
Biometric Authentication: Combining facial recognition, passengers can use biometric authentication to verify their identity during the screening process, eliminating the need for physical identification checks.
User-Friendly Interfaces: Intuitive touchscreens and user-friendly interfaces guide passengers through the screening steps, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience.

Time Savings: Self-service screening significantly reduces wait times, allowing passengers to navigate security checkpoints quickly.
Personalized Experience: Passengers have more control over their screening process, creating a personalized and stress-free experience.
Resource Optimization: Airport staff can focus on more complex tasks, while automated systems handle routine screening procedures.

Challenges and Considerations
While the adoption of facial recognition and self-service TSA screening brings numerous benefits, it also raises concerns related to privacy, data security, and potential technical glitches. Striking the right balance between convenience and safeguarding passenger rights will be crucial for the successful implementation of these innovations.

As we step into 2024, airports worldwide are at the forefront of a technological revolution that promises to redefine air travel. Facial recognition and self-service TSA screening are poised to create a more efficient, secure, and passenger-friendly airport experience. Embracing these innovations represents a giant leap toward the future of aviation, where seamless travel is no longer a distant dream but a tangible reality.
Resonance Consultancy just released its 2024 ranking of the World’s Best Cities for 2024, and San Francisco made it into the #7 spot out of 270+ global cities analyzed. Of the US cities named, only New York City ranked ahead of SF at #3 on the list.

San Francisco is no stranger to praise, having snagged the #14 spot on this same list for 2023, as well as other accolades including World’s coolest neighborhoods and World’s most beautiful streets. But this Top 10 achievement certainly warrants a place on the trophy shelf.

Why #7 in the world?
Resonance credited San Francisco’s innovative start-up culture, wealth, and pursuit of outdoor public spaces as the main reasons for its success. San Francisco ranked #5 on Resonance’s Prosperity Index, driven by the city’s educated workforce and high salaries; and came in at #3 on Henley & Partners and New World Wealth’s “World’s Wealthiest Cities Report 2023.”

Cutting-edge green spaces like Salesforce Park and Presidio Tunnel Tops sealed the deal, not to mention the “most daring bike and pedestrian infrastructure in America” featuring 464 miles of protected bikeways.

How did they decide?
For nine consecutive years, Resonance has ranked the 100 best cities in the world based on a comprehensive methodology. They begin with a bigger list of 270+ global cities, which they define as “principal cities of metropolitan areas with populations of more than one million.”

This year Resonance investigated 24 subcategories grouped into 3 main pillars: Livability, Lovability, and Prosperity. The Livability category includes factors like walkability, airport connectivity, parks and recreation, and sights and landmarks. The Lovability category includes cultural experiences, restaurants, Tripadvisor reviews, and popularity on Google Trends. And finally, the Prosperity category includes educational attainment, the poverty rate, GDP per capita, and labor force participation. These subcategories, in addition to many others, helped to create a thorough report on every single city from the list.

For 2024 they added factors like Walk Score and Bikability, and removed some others such as Weather and Safety. This was done to “more accurately represent the latest verified drivers of talent, investment and tourism to a city.”

Who else made it into the top 100?
The World’s Best Cities for 2024 was topped by the following cities:

  1. London, England
  2. Paris, France
  3. New York City, USA
  4. Tokyo, Japan
  5. Singapore
  6. Dubai, UAE
  7. San Francisco, USA
  8. Barcelona, Spain
  9. Amsterdam, Netherlands
  10. Seoul, Korea

US cities made up nearly a quarter of the list, including Los Angeles, CA at #15; Chicago, IL at #16; and Washington, DC at #17. California representation included San Jose at #38 and San Diego at #51.
Ecko's Quarter Dollar Campaign was a Big Success in 2023!
Earn Loyalty Rewards On Every Ride Booked!
Loyalty Dollars
Program Terms & Conditions
To earn points using our Loyalty Dollars program, you must first enroll by contacting us. Visit any of our websites to enroll by using the CONTACT US button: and The www.eckolimo.com, www.excellimoca.com, www.limostop.com, www.aironelimo.com, www.sanjoselimo.com or www.californialimowinetours.com.

Who is Eligible?
Any person, company or organization with a registered online account is eligible to earn Loyalty Dollars specifically for the person placing new orders.

How Can I earn Loyalty Dollars?
Every ride booked earns points! No matter where you travel within our worldwide network – you earn 5% Loyalty Dollars on base rates*

Where Can I Use Loyalty Dollars?
Loyalty Dollars reward you and can be used for weddings, proms, wine tasting or any transportation needs within a 75-mile radius of San Jose, California. You are welcome to gift your points to others or spoil yourself. It’s your reward.

When Points Become Available
Loyalty Dollars post to account the moment each ride is settled/paid in full.

* Excludes tolls, gratuities, service charges, catering fees, parking fees or any other fee other than the base rate. Loyalty Rewards are applied to current retail rates for class of vehicle requested. Loyalty Dollars usage is subject to vehicle availability and limited to 75 miles from San Jose, California. Loyalty Dollars have no cash value. Other restrictions such as blackout dates may apply. Loyalty Dollars are transferable in the form of Gift Cards.
Any City - Any Country - We Are Ready!
Wherever You Are Traveling We Are Already There
The map above defines our service locations by country. Any area of the map that is shaded represents a country in which we provide services. We have thousands of clients who appreciate working with a single transportation company to arrange ground transportation in any city in the world. Wherever you are traveling, we will get you to the airport in any city and pick you up at your destination. Whether you are traveling with one of our branded companies such as www.eckolimo.com, www.excellimoca.com, www.limostop.com, www.aironelimo.com, www.sanjoselimo.com or www.californialimowinetours.com. or with one of our trusted affiliate partners, each is held to exacting standards of service delivery. This is why we can guarantee - Satisfaction in Every Turn. That's not just a slogan for us. It is a way of life.

Some of the Cities We Serve

Argentina * Brazil * China * France * Haiti Indonesia * Lisbon * Los Moches * Mexico * Norway * Oslo * Poland* Romania * Sweden * Thailand

Whether you are looking for a traditional limousine, a shuttle bus for convention service or a full size coach to carry 50 passengers, we are your single source across the world. We are truly a single call for ground transportation anywhere in the world.
Ask Ecko
Question: We want to go wine tasting, but don't know much about the area. Can you help us choose which wineries to visit or do we have to do it on our own?

Amanda C.
Answer: Great question... We are happy to follow a route that you determine OR we are happy to help set up the perfect wine tour for your group. California Limo Wine Tours is a subsidiary company of ours that specializes in wine tours. We can plan a day of wine tasting based on the preferences of your group, we have relationships with wineries that are big and small. Whether you like all red wine, all white wine or specialty Zinfandels, we've got you covered.
Send questions to Lori@eckolimo.com
~ Corporate Corner ~
For Corporate Travelers
Jet-setting Into 2024:
Unveiling Essential Travel Tips

As we step into 2024, the world of travel is evolving at an unprecedented pace. Whether you're a seasoned world traveler or a first-time adventurer, staying abreast of the latest travel trends and tips is essential for a seamless and enjoyable journey.

We’re unveiling a comprehensive guide to travel tips for 2024, ensuring that your expeditions are not only memorable but also aligned with the latest developments in the travel landscape.

Plan Ahead
According to Visa, the tourism and travel sector will experience significant growth, despite possible price increases. According to Jason Dorsey, a Generational Researcher, every generation is traveling- Gen Z is on the move and so are Millennials, Gen X and Baby Boomers. This mix of generations, life stages and experiences are fostering a diverse and inspiring blend of travel expectations and adventures.

Digital Nomad-Friendly Destinations
With remote work becoming increasingly prevalent, consider destinations that cater to digital nomads. Many cities around the world are now equipped with co-working spaces, reliable Wi-Fi, and a welcoming atmosphere for those looking to mix work with exploration. Many have fully embraced the bleisure concept of - business with leisure and some even enjoy a 4-day work week now, making work-life balance more fulfilling.

Tech-Savvy Travel
Leverage technology to enhance your travel experience. Use travel apps for real-time information on flights, accommodations, and local attractions. Embrace contactless payment methods and digital boarding passes to minimize physical contact during your journey. Some resorts and hotels even offer digital check-ins and mobile key, making a seamless and convenient way to start your stay with them.

Explore Off-the-Beaten-Path Destinations
Move beyond the conventional tourist hotspots and explore lesser-known destinations. Not only does this contribute to a more authentic travel experience, but it also alleviates the strain on over-touristed areas. Seek out hidden gems, cultural festivals, and local experiences to create lasting memories.

Culinary Adventures
Immerse yourself in the local food scene. 2024 is the perfect time to indulge your taste buds in a myriad of flavors from around the world. Explore street food markets, try regional specialties, and savor the unique delights each destination has to offer.

Mindful Travel
Take a step back from the constant hustle of sightseeing and immerse yourself in the present moment. Mindful travel involves appreciating the beauty of your surroundings, engaging with the local community, and cultivating a deeper connection with the places you visit.

Pack Smart
Streamline your packing process by focusing on versatile and sustainable clothing items. Invest in quality travel gear that makes your journey more comfortable, and always pack a reusable water bottle, a power bank, and a universal adapter to stay connected.

Flexibility is Key
In an ever-changing world, flexibility is your greatest asset. Be prepared to adapt your plans to unforeseen circumstances, whether it's changes in travel restrictions, weather conditions, or unexpected opportunities that arise during your journey.

As you embark on your travels in 2024, embody the spirit of a modern explorer by integrating these tips into your journey. By following travel trends and incorporating luxury transportation from Ecko Worldwide Transportation, you'll make the most of your adventures this year. Safe travels!