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Carry On vs Checked Baggage

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We all likely relate Thanksgiving to turkey, stuffing, cranberries, green bean casseroles and pumpkin pie. In fact, today might be a good time to reset your scales back about ten pounds. You know on Thursday you will likely indulge in way too much food in celebration of Thanksgiving – and because you can!

When Thanksgiving Began

In 1621, English Pilgrims held a celebration of good harvest meal at Plymouth Plantation in Massachusetts. They shared that meal with their Native American neighbors. On September 28, 1789, the first Federal Congress passed a resolution asking that the President recommend to the nation a day of thanksgiving. On November 26, 1789, George Washington issued a proclamation naming Thursday November 26, 1789, as a “Day of Public Thanksgiving”.

It Wasn’t Always About Turkey/h2>

While turkey is the star of Thanksgiving, it has not always been the case. That very first Thanksgiving in 1621 including serving venison as the main course. The Native Americans killed five deer as a gift for the English colonists to enjoy with their feast.

It Wasn’t Always About Football

While millions of Americans tune in to watch the Detroit Lions play each Thanksgiving, you may not know the history. Back in 1934, the team took on the undefeated, defending World Champion Chicago Bears. Despite losing the inaugural game, the Lions have played football every Thanksgiving except between 1939 and 1944.

The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade

The nationally televised Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade has been marching since 1924. That year, the department store’s president, Herbert Strauss, organized a six-mile procession from Harlem to his store in Herald Square. The parade featured animals from the Central Park Zoo and was nearly three times as long as it is today: for the purposes of television filming, the route was reduced to 2.5 miles.

Pardon Me

Each Thanksgiving, the president of the United States ‘pardons’ a hand-selected turkey, sending it to a farm where it lives out the rest of its days. Contrary to popular belief, President George HW Bush was not the first president to grant such a pardon. The tradition dates back to Abraham Lincoln, whose son Tad begged him to write a presidential pardon for the bird intended to be served for the First Family’s Christmas dinner. Tad argued that the turkey had “just as much a right to live as anyone”. Lincoln complied, and the turkey was spared.

Bringing Family Together

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