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Large Scale Event Transportation

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Moving a large amount of people for a convention can be a daunting task. It requires precise planning that includes contingency plans in place for the unexpected. We even plan contingency escape routes in the event of an emergency situation that requires an immediate evacuation of a venue.

In a look behind the scenes, we will share with you some of the efforts we go through to make sure every conference and convention that we provide service for is executed with a flawless plan.

One of the biggest tasks ever given to Jim Luff, our Marketing & Affiliate Director was to pick-up 1200 people from around the state of California and have them arrive in one city within a 20-minute window. That takes massive amounts of coordination to determine what time the pickup needed to occur in each city, who would be in each vehicle and labeling the vehicles for clear identification to our on-site coordinators as the party bus arrives at the venue.

Every event includes preparing detailed manifests with the name of every single passenger, their assigned vehicle, their assigned pickup location and times as well as their return time leaving the venue at the end of the day. It requires mapping the miles from each pickup city to the venue to determine the best route and approximate travel times.

Add hospitality to the equation and it becomes even more challenging. Every vehicle included fresh fruit snacks, coffee and juice for everyone. That required coordination with Starbucks in every single pickup city.

The key to organization and efficiency is having usable data. Using a mobile onsite command center and GPS technology, we knew exactly which bus would be arriving next, which passengers would be on it, what city they came from and where in the venue they need to report to. If an event organizer was to asks us where a particular passenger was at any given time – we knew.

Every chauffeur was provided a map of the drop off location, even if they had been there a thousand times before. Every passenger experience must be exactly the same. Routes are carefully chosen weeks before an event. In the unlikely event that signage for a bus is lost or damaged on the day of the event, onsite coordinators have duplicates for immediate replacement. If forty people came out of the venue looking for Bus #5 and couldn’t find it because of missing signage, it could throw the whole schedule off.

In some cases we send an extra vehicle to a venue on a “just-in-case” basis. Only if the vehicle is implemented by the client is a charge assessed. It is our goal to deliver stellar service for conventions and conferences whether you have 200 attendees or 2000 attendees. We’ve got you covered for event transportation anywhere in the world.