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Convenience: Behind the Scenes of Your Airport Pick-Up

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In our new blog series, “Convenience”, we will share some various conveniences of hiring a car service. Car services are also known as limousine services, chauffeured ground transportation, limo companies and charter services. No matter what you call us, our goal is to make your life convenient!

Airports are a hectic place. It is a world where novice leisure travelers taking an annual vacation collide with experienced corporate travelers who use airports every day. To the traveling family, the man sitting across the aisle in a business suit probably looks very important. He probably appears even more important as they all arrive in baggage claims together. The businessman is met by another professionally suited person holding up a sign with the businessman’s name on it. The greeter quickly grabs the carry-on bag of the traveler, whisks him out to the curb and into a waiting vehicle and in less than a minute, he is gone!

How do we do it? It begins with the day you place your reservation for an airport arrival. Your flight number is entered into our reservations system. That system checks the information you provided against the airline’s system and confirms that the airline flight number is valid, the cities match and the arrival time you provided to us match. You know the saying, “Garbage in – Garbage out”. We verify everything is correct, just in case you transposed your flight number.

On the day of your flight, we begin tracking your flight. We are alerted of any changes to your flight in real-time. If your flight is canceled, in many cases, we know it before you do. If your flight becomes delayed, there is no reason for you to become worried about notifying us. We will adjust our airport arrival time automatically based upon data provided by the airline.

About 45 minutes before your plane is expected to land, our greeter is arriving at the airport to meet you. The greeter will confirm with the airline the assigned baggage claim area and also confirm the assigned baggage claim area with our dispatcher to make sure that we are in the right place to meet you. Your chauffeur will arrive at the airport soon and report to a holding lot. As soon as passengers from your flight begin to arrive in baggage claim, our greeter will ask your chauffeur to come to the closest exit door to your baggage claim carousel. We will proceed directly to your waiting vehicle to board if you have no luggage to retrieve or we will assist you with the collection of your luggage.

Along your entire journey, we will send you informative text messages reminding you of your reservation for the day, alerting you of our arrival at the airport, as well as informing you of the name of your chauffeur, assigned vehicle and specific meeting instructions. That is true convenience. You deserve convenience in your life. Let Ecko Worldwide provide convenience for you.