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Getting On the Road Again

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While corporate travel has resumed since the arrival of the Covid pandemic, it has not returned to previous levels. In recent surveys of corporate travelers, personal health safety was the biggest concern of travelers. The ground transportation industry is working tirelessly to take the steps necessary to protect our passengers.

In surveying our customers, we have identified several key concerns and share with you the efforts we are making to instill confidence while traveling with us. One area of concern that doesn’t include physical touchpoints is the ability to cancel trips without financial penalty when the cancellation is Covid related such as an illness of the traveler or family member. We’ve got you covered there.

Enhanced Vehicle Cleaning and Disinfecting

Passengers expect rigorous cleaning vehicle cleaning between passengers. Our efforts to maintain clean vehicles include Disinfecting each vehicle between different passengers, a thorough cleaning and disinfecting at the conclusion of each day and enhanced cleaning of trunks and cargo holds between each trip where luggage is transported.

Providing Sanitizing Wipes

We realize that some travelers just want to wipe everything down themselves for peace of mind. We provide sanitizing wipes for this upon request.

Social distancing

Social distancing can be problematic for us. If you are traveling with four or five people, it becomes difficult to social distance in an SUV. We are suggesting that larger groups move up to a larger vehicle such as a Mercedes Sprinter that allows everyone to maintain social distance from each other.

Temperature checks

While we don’t mandate temperature checks for our passengers, we do mandate that our chauffeurs complete a temperature check at the beginning of their shift to ensure they don’t have a fever, an indication of infection. We also ask them to attest that they are not feeling sick and are in good health.

Mandatory mask wearing

Mask wearing has become standard practice in public settings. We require our chauffeurs to wear masks. We ask that you do the same for the protection of our chauffeurs.


It isn’t always possible to add plexiglass shields. However, some of our vehicles do have plexiglass shields and we believe this will become more common throughout the transportation industry in the same way that retail environments have installed them.

Our Road to Recovery

We realize to provide the personalized, luxury service that we offer, that we must be in tune with what our passengers want and expect. We will continue to assess the needs and concerns of our customers. We want you to feel protected, both physically and financially.