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Be Business Ready When You Land

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Consider Carry-On Only

If you don’t have to check a bag – don’t do it! Did you know that checking a bag can add up to an hour of wasted time? You must arrive at the airport with enough time to stand in line to check your bag in. When you arrive at your destination, you will wait in the baggage claim area to retrieve your luggage. If your luggage is lost, you will spend another hour dealing with the claim form. Awaytravel.com makes a perfect size carry-on with a side compartment for easy access to your laptop. It even comes with a built-in dirty laundry bag and cell phone charging bank. The surface of the Away suitcase provides a perfect work surface for your laptop.

Your Travel Kit

As a professional traveler, you know that you must be ready for anything that occurs while you are traveling. That includes experiencing a headache, backache or even sore muscles. Advil or something similar is a must-have item. Tissues are always a good thing to carry for yourself or a fellow traveler that might need one. If you are on a long flight, an eye mask and ear plugs can help you get some sleep. Vitamin C and Probiotics will help your immune system. You are exposed to a lot of nasty germs on planes. Always carry a power bank with you to recharge your phone on the go. An extra power charging cord and cube should be part of your travel kit.

The Right Clothes

It’s always a good idea to check the weather forecast for the cities you are traveling to right about the time you begin to pack. Always carry a sweater or hoodie in case you get cold. A nice blazer works well with just about any pair of pants, even jeans. Always bring a few extra pair of underwear and socks just in case your flight is canceled, and you have to spend an extra night on the road. If you have extra space, throw in your bathing suit, just in case.

Spare Change

Don’t be embarrassed when you don’t have a tip for someone who provided service for you. Hotel bellman, the doormen, chauffeurs and even the front-desk clerk appreciate a gratuity. Carry some spare change with you so that you can recognize them for their efforts.

Business Gifts

If a gift is appropriate, consider bringing small boxes of chocolates or other unique food product from your area to present. TSA has no issue with food products, even homemade. If you don’t present food as a gift, perhaps your company has some promotional items such as a logo’d shirt, letter opener or something else of useful value.

Ditch These Things

While you might think you need a different pair of shoes every day, the fact is – shoes are bulky and take up a lot of space in your suitcase. Bring one pair that are comfortable, functional and appropriate for your outfits. Those shoes should be on your feet when you arrive at the airport. If you absolutely must bring another pair, limit it to one single pair. Ladies, forgo the nightly beauty routine. Bring only what is necessary to be meeting-ready. The same with jewelry. Don’t bring expensive jewelry that will draw attention to yourself and possibly be stolen.

Travel Sized Products

You can get just about any product in a travel size version these days. From shaving cream to toothpaste, mouthwash to hairspray, dry shampoo, gel and face cleanser, there is a travel sized product for you. This helps you avoid using the hotel shampoo and conditioner that may be inferior to what you prefer. Carry the good stuff without taking up space and adding weight. Don’t forget the sample-sized perfumes and colognes.

Energize Yourself

Drinking lots of water helps your body stay hydrated. Staying hydrated can help you to avoid looking tired. If you are going straight to a meeting or event after getting off a plane, consider a suit bag to carry a quick change of clothes in the airport restroom. Grab a coffee or other caffeinated drink two hours before your event to keep you energized.

Deenergize Yourself

Hit that hotel gym before you end your day. When you exercise, it helps eliminate jet lag. Working out can also make you tired enough that you will easily fall asleep in your hotel room without tossing and turning.

Avoid Social Media

We love social media. While it might seem like a great idea to spend your time browsing through social media while in the air, it’s not a great idea. Consider reading an actual book (even if it’s on Kindle) or doing productive work and getting caught up on emails.