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Corporate Traveler Tips: Traveling Safely During COVID-19

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Ecko Worldwide Transportation Group takes great pride in the delivery of best-in-class transportation service around the world. That commitment to service includes providing useful tips for our clients. The thought of traveling for business again might seem a little unnerving. Here are some tips that can help you prepare to safely return to the skies under a new normalcy.

Relationships Are Key

Having established relationships with national or global travel providers can eliminate much anxiety. Using a single car service, a single hotel chain and a single airline will provide some uniformity and continuity so corporate travelers know what to expect no matter where their travels might take them. Having a solid relationship with provider account managers will allow you to voice any concerns you have about future trips and have your concerns addressed.

Duty of Care

Vendors and suppliers who serve corporate travelers provide service under a Duty of Care code. This duty includes taking precautionary measures to protect travelers and minimize their exposure to the coronavirus. Reach out to the suppliers who will provide service during your trip such as car services, hotels and venues you plan to visit and ask what precautions they are taking and what to expect.

Review Your Travel Policies

Many companies travel policies that were in effect when we entered the pandemic are now likely outdated. Be sure to review your corporate travel policy and make sure that it has been revamped to meet new standards necessitated by the coronavirus. Suggest changes to policies that no longer apply or would be impractical at this time. Policies must be flexible during this time. Due to social distancing requirements, car services are limiting the number of passengers allowed in each vehicle. This may necessitate chartering multiple vehicles. Make sure your travel policies can accommodate this change.

Destination Information

Make sure you research any special local requirements for travelers such as the need to quarantine when arriving from certain states. Make sure you know whether you will need wear a mask in specific places and make sure you carry a few with you just in case you need to offer one to a colleague to protect both of you.