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Corporate Traveler Tips: Safety Tips for Female Travelers

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Corporate travel routinely present dangerous scenarios for corporate travelers visiting unfamiliar cities, staying in hotels and working in unfamiliar venues. Any number of things can go wrong. Women traveling for business might face more challenges than their male counterparts. In fact, an astonishing 83% of female business travelers have reported experiencing a safety concern while traveling for business. We have compiled safety tips women should know when traveling for business.

Chauffeur Safety

If you have a car service such as Ecko Worldwide Transportation picking you up at the airport, always obtain the name of your chauffeur prior to the pickup so you can verify it’s the right person. If you choose to use a ride sharing service like Uber or Lyft, you should know that background check requirements vary by state and are not nearly as stringent as licensed transportation companies. Basically, anyone can use their personal car to work for Uber or Lyft and they are contractors, not employees. They are basically, unknown, potentially dangerous strangers.

Travel Light

Try to travel with only carry-on luggage. It costs less money and you won’t need anyone help when you arrive at the airport and you won’t be standing alone at a baggage carousel.

Ditch the Glitz

Avoid attract unwanted attention when alone in a restaurant or bar by avoiding flashy outfits that makes you stand out.

The Right Purse

Avoid purses that have hand carry handles because they are easy to snatch. While backpacks might be convenient, the fact is, you cann’t see it when you are wearing it and someone might steal from you or put unwanted items in your backpack. The best purse is a bag that has a cross-body strap. Those are not as easy to grab, and you can keep it in view at all times and close to your body.

Safety Alarms

Carry a safety alarm with you. These can be as simple as a whistle or a $10 key chain model. This will allow you to make noise and draw attention quickly, should you feel unsafe. You can easily clip it to your purse or keep it in your pocket so it’s accessible if you need it.

Hotel Safety

Book your room in the name of a couple. When you arrive at the hotel, be sure to get two room keys to make it look like you are not alone. Never give out your room number to strangers.

Treat Yourself to Valet Parking

Use valet parking when possible to avoid walking alone from a parking lot to the building or venue. This is especially important at night.

Avoid Paper Maps

Nothing screams louder than reading a paper map. When in public, use the map/GPS system on your phone to navigate. Standing and looking lost while viewing a map makes you look vulnerable. Looking at your phone is totally normal.

Keep Your Phone Charged

Always make sure your phone is fully charged before traveling and before leaving your hotel room. Carry a portable battery charger with you if you think you might need it. You don’t want it to run out of power while you are in a strange place.

Monitor Your Alcohol

Business cocktails are a frequent part of corporate travel for many. Be alert to what is happening around you and avoid placing yourself in a vulnerable state. Never let your drink out of your sight. This means ANY drink including coffee, tea or even a glass of water.