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The Value of Airport Limo Service

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In 2019 the New York Post published a study that found that most people spend the equivalent of 19 full workdays each year of unproductive time while stuck in traffic. For business travelers traveling regularly by air for business, the number of workdays lost will be even higher. Using an airport car service isn’t just about traveling in style or luxury. It provides additional productive work time. Here are some additional benefits of using an airport limo service in San Jose.

Stress Free Arrival

Driving a car demands concentration. It can be stressful under even the best of circumstances. This is one reason why most states outlaw the use of cell phones to the ear while driving. The sheer volume of traffic in the San Jose area along with the high cost of parking should also be factored into reasons for using a car service.  Arriving late to the airport and having trouble finding a parking spot can add stress. Not to mention riding airport shuttle buses just wastes even more time. When you use a luxury car service, all these concerns evaporate. You can spend the journey mentally preparing for your meetings and put your travel time to productive use.

Your Office on Wheels

We now live in an era of the remote office thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic. Many of us have learned that we can get our work done effectively from anywhere, as long as we have our cell phone and laptop. Using a luxury car service effectively negates any “dead time” during the commute. The moment you settle back into the seat, you can start using the time productively by catching up on calls, clearing your email inbox, or reviewing reports and presentations.

A little “me” time

We also live in a fast-paced world. Business trips can be stressful to the human body both mentally and physically. Using a car service allows a little time to recharge, and the minutes spent in the backseat of a car can provide the perfect opportunity for some private, quiet time. It can allow you time to review your presentation one last time as you travel from the airport to a speaking engagement. When choose Ecko Worldwide Transportation for corporate car service, take a little time to sit back, relax and take in the sights of the Silicon Valley.

Wedding & Group Airport Trips

In addition to business trips to the airport, we also provide airport wedding car service. This service is great for picking up out of town guests attending your wedding. If you have a large group to move, our airport shuttle service is perfect for getting guests to and from SJC, SFO or OAK.

Don’t Scrimp

There are numerous transportation services in the area that range from traditional city cabs to ride share apps, and public transit. Some of these may offer great deals from a financial perspective, but there is absolute truth in the saying, “You get what you pay for.” When it comes to choosing a car service, it isn’t worth compromising on comfort and safety just to save a few bucks. The fact is that some of our competitors cut corners to offer low prices. When you opt for a luxury car service from Ecko Limo, you can be confident that you will be picked up on time in a vehicle that is immaculately clean, comfortable, and properly maintained. Likewise, your professional chauffeur is an expert who knows the city, the airport and receives ongoing training to deliver the best customer service possible.