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Halloween 2020 – By the Numbers

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Halloween arrived this past Saturday. The pandemic caused some uncertainty as people debated whether they would take their kids trick or treating, whether they would hand out candy or attend a Halloween party and risk catching COVID-19. It’s safe to say that haunted houses were scrapped. But, Halloween on a Saturday, even in a pandemic is hard to simply skip. Americans spend a fortune on Halloween and both adults and children seem to love dressing up in costume. So, are you wondering how the pandemic holiday went?

Here is a snapshot:

* $8.8 Billion dollars were spent on Halloween related expenses
* $3.2 Billion dollars spent was on costumes and accessories
* $1.3 Billion dollars was spent on candy, down 50% from 2019
* 17% of people put costumes on pets.
* 72% of parents admit to stealing candy from their kids
* 85% of Americans spent $50 or less on Halloween items
* 68% of Americans participated in some form of celebration
* 22% of Americans went to a Halloween Party on Saturday
* 64% of Americans carved a pumpkin, up 20% from 2019
* 37% of Americans wore a costume, down 10% from 2019
* $260 – The average price of a pumpkin this year

Trick or Treating began in 1927 in America