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Apparel Tips for Business Travelers

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I’ll start this particular blog by revealing that as the author of Ecko Worldwide Transportation Group’s blog, I am a guy, so my hacks probably lean more toward men’s fashion and hacks. Still worthy of reading ladies. I always try to pack as light as possible while trying to maintain some semblance of professionalism just in case I run into a client or colleague at the airport. Here are my best travel apparel hacks:

1. Comfortable shoes (and socks!)

Whether you are standing on a trade show floor for hours or hiking through the airport, comfortable shoes make all the difference in the world. I find a balance between dress shoes and tennis shoes. This means a rubber sole with a polish-able surface. I’m not a fan of tennis shoes with business suits so I always pack a pair of dress shoes for those moments I need to be dressed up. A good pair of socks with a cushioned heel adds comfort.

2. Invest in wrinkle free clothes

No one enjoys ironing or wasting time in your hotel room ironing your clothes. Not to plug them, but Stafford has “travel shirts” for men that never wrinkle. Wrinkle free Haggar Men’s pants are my go-to for pants. Make sure you skip pleated pants and go with the flat front. Roll them like a sleeping bag starting with the bottom of the pant legs and they will be wrinkle free and take up less space in your suitcase. You can also roll polo shirts.

3. The “Shower Trick”

If despite your best rolling efforts and wrinkle free type clothes you find your clothes are wrinkled, shut the bathroom door, hang your clothes on the back of the door or even on the neck of the shower head, turn the shower on as hot as it will go and steam up the room. Come back in 10 minutes and your clothes will be wrinkle free.

4. Fly Comfortable

Unless you are meeting with someone as soon as you get off the plane, always dress comfortably during the flight. I usually wear jeans and a polo shirt. As soon as you arrive at your hotel, remove your comfy clothes and hang them for the flight home. No one will know you wore the same outfit twice! If you are heading to the airport after a business meeting, keep your jeans and polo in a side pocket of your luggage and change clothes as soon as you clear security.

5. Reversible belts

Reversible belts allow you to always be matching the shoes.

6. The Navy-Blue Blazer

Everyone should own a navy-blue blazer. This versatile piece of clothing allows you to change from casual to business as quick as Clark Kent changed into….Superman. Even if you are wearing jeans and a polo, add a navy-blue blazer and you instantly conveying business attire.