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15 Practical Tips for Corporate Travelers

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Traveling for business can be challenging, however, experienced travelers know they can have a much better experience when following certain rules that are guaranteed to work. We created a list of business travel tips and tricks that will help you navigate your next business trip like a pro!

1. Carry-On Bags Only

This is one of those packing tips that can easily help you save time. If you want to avoid losing an average 30 minutes at the baggage claim, or even having to go through the hassle of your suitcase being lost. Keep it simple, pack light, and stick to carry-on luggage only.

2. Keep Your Essentials Handy

Boarding passes, IDs, important documents, your phone, agenda, credit cards, wallet… Pack them together where you can easily find them when you need them. There’s nothing worse than not being able to find your ID when you get to the TSA checkpoint and delaying everyone else.

3. Charge Your Electronic Devices

Charge all your electronic devices before leaving your house, and even throughout the trip whenever possible. You never know when a delay, cancellation, or work-related issue might arise, and you need your devices to be powered up.

4. Fly Non-Stop

Whenever possible, choose non-stop flights and avoid layovers. You’ll spend less time traveling and you’ll be able to arrive better rested. Plus, you’ll have better chances of avoiding delays, cancellations, overbookings, and lost baggage situations.

5. Suit Bags are Ideal

If you don’t have time or, you don’t know if you’ll be able to get your suit pressed before your business meetings, then bring it with you on the plane in a suit bag. Check your cabin allowance beforehand to make sure you can bring it onboard. Another popular option is wearing it during your flight to avoid getting too many wrinkles.

6. Bring a power bank

You never know when you might need it since it can sometimes be difficult to find an available outlet in an airport or on a plane. Invest in a quality power bank rather than those you receive free at trade shows. Plug in when you’re on the road for long periods of time.

7. Bring Travel Size Toiletries

You want to look your best at that important business meeting, but we all know those hair products from the hotel probably won’t cut it. Even if your hotel offers quality toiletries, there’s nothing like your own products, which are the best match for your needs—so bring them along in travel size bottles.

8. Check- In Beforehand

Whether it’s for your flight or your hotel if advance check-in is offered, don’t hesitate to do it. It will save you travel time! In many cases your room key is digital, and you can head straight you your room and use your cell phone to unlock the door.

9. Choose Water, Avoid Alcohol

Drinking enough water and staying hydrated is key to preventing jet lag. Staying hydrated is also good for cardiovascular health, your skin, and your overall mood.

10. Layover Tip: Time to Connect

If you have enough time during your layover, use it wisely to catch up on emails and calls. This way, you’ll be up to date on any important news and changes to your business trip. You’ll also be able to avoid the stress of having to deal with an endless list of emails to answer when you finally arrive at your destination.

11. Adapt to Mealtimes ASAP

This is one of our key tips that makes a big difference when it comes to fighting jet lag. Try to adapt your mealtimes to local times at your destination as soon as possible, even before your flight. Adjusting your mealtimes will tell your body when it’s time to wake up and be active, or when to sleep.

12. Avoid Sleep Upon Your Arrival

After a long, exhausting trip you might be tempted to sleep as soon as you arrive, no matter what the local time is. Try to avoid doing this at all costs, and let your body adjust to the new time zone as soon as possible.

13. Store Your Receipts

Keep all your receipts together. If you need a paper version of your receipts, bring an envelope where you can store them. Every expense that is being paid for by your company needs to be documented. No receipts – no reimbursement is a standard rule for most corporate travel. We recommend you take a picture of every receipt as well in case you lose one.

14. Use a Firewall When Accessing Public Internet

This is especially important when you use your work computer and access work-related information on-the-go. Make sure your antivirus app is up to date and you have a firewall to protect you from anyone accessing your data.

15. Leave Reviews

Did you enjoy your stay at the hotel? Was your customer care agent nice to you? Be kind and leave a good review! You might be back at the same hotel next time, and it will give them something nice to remember you for. We love getting reviews from our customers as well.

We hope you found these travel hacks helpful! Now it’s time to put them into practice on your next business trip. Here at Ecko Worldwide Transportation, we wish you a comfortable and successful business trip and remember, we can provide service in any city in the world.