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10 Tips for Staying Healthy During Travel

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Traveling can be a disruption to the healthy routines we follow at home. From sleep disruption to food choices, we become limited in options that help us maintain a healthy lifestyle while on the road. Here are 10 tips you can use to maintain a healthy balance on the road.

1. Bring your workout gear

Bring a pair of running shoes and some workout shorts or yoga pants. Maintaining an exercise rhythm can also help you avoid illness by keeping your body in shape.

2. Workout BEFORE dinner.

Always make sure you work out before dinner. This can be hard to do with the temptation to go have cocktails with colleagues or clients after the workday. Set a firm rule and stick to it as you will not want to want to work out when you get back from dinner if dinner included a few glasses of wine and a steak.

3. Pack a healthy snack

We all get hungry while traveling. Rather than buying an unhealthy snack at the airport, pack a healthy snack such as baby carrots or celery and peanut butter kits available at your local grocery store. It’s cheaper and better for you.

4. Stay Hydrated

While this tip might imply you should be drinking water throughout your flight, there are other ways to stay hydrated that won’t have you in search of a restroom all the time. Drink a lot of water the night before a flight and begin that same regimen as soon as you arrive at your hotel. This will keep you hydrated. Invest in a travel water bottle that you can refill in the airport. You’ll save money on bottled water and you will never have to wait on a flight attendant.

5. Use the Restroom When You Can

You never know when you might have the chance again so when you pass a restroom before boarding a flight – use it. If your flight encounters turbulence, you won’t be suffering while the seat belt sign stays lit.

6. Carry Your Own Medical Supplies

You should always be prepared for ailments that come up while traveling. Assemble a small kit that includes band-aids, pain relievers, cold medicine, cough drops, sleeping aids and other items you might need. Other items you might consider for your medical kit are tissues, lip balm, allergy pills and anti-diarrhea tablets.

7. Hand Sanitizer!

Need we say more in a COVID-19 pandemic? Never leave your home without your own. Don’t rely on other places to provide it. You will have peace of mind that you are using a quality sanitizing product as opposed to who knows what is in a public dispenser. Your hand sanitizer can also be used to clean tray tables, lavatory bathroom handles, hotel remote controls, seat belts and other things you are forced to touch while traveling.

8. Stretch regularly

While traveling your body tends to be confined to small spaces for long periods of time. Take time to stretch your limbs. Walk from one end of the plane to the other. Walk around the airport terminal before your flight boards.

9. Skip People Movers.

Sure, they help you express through the terminal. But, unless you are in a hurry, skip the People Mover conveyor belts and burn a few calories by walking next to the People Mover. Turn it into a game and try to race-walk someone riding on the People Mover.

10. Stay in Your Zone

This last tip is the hardest one to handle. Seasoned business travelers are less fatigued by jet lag because they keep their body clock in their home time zone. It doesn’t always work because of scheduling issues but if you have control of the schedule, keep your body on your home time zone.