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Why Choose a Car Service Over a Taxi

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Why Choose a Car Service Over a Taxi

While you might think one transportation source is as good as another, the fact is, they are not even close. You basically have three choices of service for passenger transportation – a taxi, a rideshare such as Uber or Lyft or a professional car service such as Ecko Worldwide Transportation.

The only thing common about thethree choices are that you will find all three available in virtually every city in the world. The buck stops there. A professional car service provides an experience of class, safetyand elegance among other differences.

Why You Should Use a Car Service

Whether you have a special date night, a charity ball or are simply arriving at an airport, a car service such as Ecko Worldwide Transportation hires professionally trained chauffeurs. The difference between a professional chauffeur, a taxidriver and an individual driving you around in their personal vehicle is vastly different. We will get you home safely. We will provide our rates for you without adding in outrageous surge prices.Our vehicles are new. They are well cared for. We don’t allow smoking in any of our vehicles, so you won’t have to worry about a smelly car. In fact, we sanitize every vehicle between every service delivery. That’s likely not happening with people driving their own cars and taxis.


Our premium luxury vehicles include Mercedes-Benz, BMW’s and Lincolns that are built for comfort. It is unlikely that you will be riding in a luxury vehicle with a taxi or Uber. In fact, you have no idea what your ride will look like until it arrives.

Service Types

Our fleet includes many different types of vehicles. Whether you need a limousine for eight passengers, a Mercedes Sprinter Van for 14 passengers or a Mercedes S-Class Sedan, we have the right vehicle for the type of service you need. We can help you choose the right vehicle for the right occasion. Whether it’s a business meeting, a wedding, a funeral, or a date night, we’ve got you covered anywhere in the world with the right vehicle and a professional chauffeur.


There is no doubt you have heard horror stories about Uber and Lyft passengers being raped and even killed. Our professional chauffeurs undergo rigorous background checks that rideshare companies don’t invest in for your safety. We also perform random drug and alcohol testing for your safety. These are things you cannot and should not expect from a rideshare service. Additionally, we monitor every vehicle one the road via GPS tracking for speed, traffic problems ahead and other data relative to keeping you safe and on-time. You very rarely hear of professional chauffeurs driving luxury vehicles becoming involved in accidents or attacking passengers. There is a huge difference in our vetting process of the people we hire to provide safe service for you.