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What The Pandemic Taught Our Company

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Every day seems that we are moving closer and closer to entering Pandemic version 2.0. This time around, America has been educated about COVID-19 and more importantly, how to protect yourself in a pandemic.

Americans are no longer willing to hunker down in their homes and sacrifice their lifestyles and freedom. President Biden and Dr. Fauci have both publicly declared there will be no further lockdowns. There is no reason to cancel plans to travel this time around. A record number of people are flying safely every day. Trade conventions have resumed, and theaters, sports complexes and amusement parks are open. We have to adjust to a “new normal”.

Vehicle Cleanliness

While we always kept our vehicles immaculately clean, we had to add a few steps during the initial pandemic. The procedures we implemented included disinfecting vehicles with chemicals between every single passenger ride and using electrostatic sprayers. Those procedures are here to stay – forever.

About Handshakes

We all learned that handshakes are a major source of transmission of illnesses and germs. We no longer offer a handshake. However, if you extend your hand, we will gladly provide a firm handshake followed by a heavy dose of hand sanitizer offered to you. It’s part of the new normal and keeps everyone safe. We will also fist bump and elbow bump upon request.

Goodbye Shared Items

Things like newspapers, magazines and other amenities previously offered in our vehicles have been eliminated. The less items there are to touch, the less chance of germs being spread. If you want a newspaper or magazine, let us know and it will be there for you. Please make sure you take it with you. You will also  find hand sanitizer in every one of our vehicles within our vast worldwide network.

Employee Health

We will likely never move away from the mandatory daily temperature checks and the signing of a “wellness attestation” when employees arrive for work each day. We are willing to bet if we had been doing this all along that there would have been less sharing of the common cold and influenza. Temperature checks are logged, and employees must state they are feeling well. Employees who register a fever or are not feeling well are sent home to protect you as well as their co-workers.


As soon as the vaccines became available, Ecko’s president Harry Dhillon, strongly encouraged all staff members to become vaccinated. As of this writing, 53.3% of all Californians are vaccinated. 50.4% of all Americans are vaccinated and 30% of the entire world population is vaccinated. Less than 1% of all vaccinated people have contracted Covid after being vaccinated. It’s very apparent that the vaccine is working as it was expected. The FDA is expected to fully approve the Pfizer vaccine this month. The FDA said in a statement last week that its leaders recognized that full approval might inspire more public confidence since many people have cited that the emergency authorization granted last year by the FDA to Pfizer, Moderna and Johnson & Johnson has been the primary reason for not getting vaccinated. A number of universities and hospitals, the U.S. military and the City of San Francisco are expected to make vaccinations mandatory as soon as the vaccine is fully approved. Final approval will help mute misinformation about the safety of the vaccines and clarify legal issues about the mandates.

If we must go through a second pandemic, let’s be smarter about it this time. Let’s use the knowledge we learned in 2020 to keep our freedom in 2021. We are still providing Satisfaction in Every Turn™ and we are ready to serve you. Call us to book your next trip at 877-FLY-ECKO.