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Wedding Transportation Checklist

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The most awaited day needs to be planned in a very organized way. It will help keep multiple things in mind while making your wedding checklist. Make a detailed checklist of all your requirements so you can catch everything. Your wedding planner can recommend lists that suit your taste. Here is a list for organizing your wedding transportation in San Jose.


  • Check various types of private wedding car services online for your guests and select the best one.
  • Also, look for a grand wedding vehicle for the couple.
  • Once finalized, book the reservation beforehand so you don’t need to worry about vehicle availability for your wedding day.
  • Confirm the pick-up and drop-off location, number of passengers, vehicle type, duration, and all other necessary details to the service provider.
  • You must have decided on the honeymoon destination by now. So it’s time to arrange the transportation for that too.
  • Some guests might come from other locations, so you must arrange airport transportation from your nearest airport to the wedding venue.
  • Give specific arrival and departure times for all modes of transportation, and let the relevant businesses, drivers, and visitors know about the timetable.
  • Fill up the bride and groom’s cars with gas in advance if you want to drive them to the wedding.


Tips for wedding transportation


You, being a host, must have decided on the wedding venue and a hotel for your guests to stay in. Your guests should feel valued at your wedding. You should arrange comfortable and luxurious wedding transportation solutions for them to travel to the venue from the hotel to the wedding venue and vice versa. You have many options when selecting a transport service for your wedding day. Pick a car that complements your day’s overall plan effectively.

An opulent vehicle needs to be arranged for the couple. The couple’s car can be decorated as per your choice to make it exclusive from others.


Types of transportations


There are various kinds of vehicles you can select from, depending on the number of guests you need to transport, your personal preferences (such as vintage cars), your financial situation, and the destinations involved. Always keep everyone’s comfort and space in mind when riding.

For a bigger group of people, you can choose:

  1. Mini Coaches
  2. Sprinter Van
  3. Wedding Shuttle Bus
  4. Party Bus

For the couple:

  1. Wedding Car Rental
  2. Executive Sedan


Cost-effective transportation:

The most economical mode of transportation, of course, is to enlist the help of family members to carpool with the visitors, but if there are many individuals to pair up from various origin places, organizing how to get everyone from point A to point B may become a complex process. If you rent instead of assembling a volunteer fleet, perform the arithmetic to determine the most cost-effective choice. Go with the standard size instead of the stretch limos, or reduce to a town car if possible. Also, omit features like a TV, bar, and sunroof from the vehicle. Unexpectedly, even the car’s color can reduce your expenses.


How to book your wedding transportation?

If you are looking for wedding transportation near you in San Jose, you are at the right place. Visit Eckolimo Worldwide Transportation and book your desired modes of transport. It’s just a simple form, and our customer service executives will reach out to you shortly. You can ask questions about the wedding car service in San Jose and choose the right one. You can also directly reach out to us via phone call. Call us at +1 408-834-4990 and get your queries solved. We provide a 24-hour service. What else are you waiting for? Go for it and book it now.