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Travel Necessities for Corporate Travelers

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Corporate travelers know that there are certain items that are essential to travel. These items can range from a quality suitcase to headphones and toiletries. If you are not expecting rain, leave the umbrella behind. You can buy an umbrella for under $10 if you need one. Also, there is no need to carry an international power adapter if you are not leaving the country. The information below assumes that you will take basic items such as a cell phone, a toothbrush and clothing so they are omitted on purpose.

Items You Should Always Have

  • Travel Hygiene Kit
  • Portable charger
  • Travel size First Aid kit
  • Headphones or ear pods (or both)
  • Sewing kit (if you can sew)
  • Travel water bottle
  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Thermometer
  • Face covering
  • Cord Organizer

A Quality Suitcase

An absolute essential item is a good quality carry on suitcase. While quality luggage might cost more up front, it will last longer through heavy use. The best type to get is a 4-wheeled spinner type. Our favorite is the Away brand. It is hard-sided, has a separate dirty laundry area, built-in USB charger and lots of compartments.

A Quality Backpack

As your second carry-on item, we suggest a quality backpack. Our pick on this is the Knack Bag. This backpack is an expandable backpack that can be used to travel with all of travel essentials, including clothing for a short trip or to take things with you when you leave your hotel for the day.

We recommend that you print this document out today and place it inside your suitcase or backpack and use it as a pack list for future business trips.