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The Difference Between a Driver and Chauffeur

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People often refer to luxury ground transportation chauffeurs as a “limo driver” in the same incorrect way they refer to highly trained paramedics as “ambulance drivers”. While it might be okay to refer to a pizza delivery driver as a driver, referring to a chauffeur as a “driver” would not reflect the training of a professional chauffeur.

Even though both might drive a vehicle, a driver and a chauffeur are not the same thing. Those that have been driven around by both know there is a distinct difference between a driver and a chauffeur.

A driver is someone operating a vehicle who takes you from one location to another. A chauffeur is a professional driver who is trained to provide you with a safe and comfortable drive with a touch of luxury. Here is what defines a chauffeur:

Training & Experience 

Chauffeurs go through extensive training which ensures that they are ready for the road. To become a professional chauffeur, one needs to be an extremely careful driver with a clean driving record and must also have exceptional people skills, knowledge of their service area and be able to anticipate the needs of their passengers. 

Here a few different requirements of a professional chauffeur: 

  • Must know the regulations and laws of the road
  • Must understanding traffic patterns, time of day traffic and construction zones
  • Must have knowledge of passenger safety and security
  • How to drive in extreme conditions (i.e. heavy traffic, inclement weather)
  • Must be familiar with popular landmarks and attractions in the area
  • Must knowing how to safely change a flat tire
  • Must display proper etiquette and customer service

These are just a few of the training points that a chauffeur will go through. It ensures that a chauffeur upholds the quality of service we expect to be delivered and to exceed the expectations of our passengers.

Services Offered

The main responsibility of both a driver and a chauffeur is to get their passengers from one location to another. But how they go about this is completely different. With a chauffeur, you are guaranteed to ride in luxury and style. From luxury sedans, limousines, or executive sprinters and buses, these vehicles are usually stocked with chilled drinks, comfortable seats, TVs and premium sound systems. This is not just a regular ride; you are riding in the lap of luxury.

Chauffeurs thoroughly clean, sanitize and stock the vehicle after each ride to make sure that the car is clean, germ-free, and ready for the next passengers. This type of service is unheard of with ride-share vehicles or taxi drivers. A Chauffeur can provide you with a safe, comfortable, and luxurious experience that you will never forget.

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