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Thanksgiving 2020

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Thanksgiving is the official kick-off of the holiday season as we head toward New Year’s Eve and say farewell to 2020. We are all probably thrilled to see 2020 come to an end and might even give it a swift kick out the door as we usher in 2021 and hopes of a better experience than 2020 delivered to us.

Despite the fact that we spent most of the year in quarantine, we are still willing to bet that you have many things to be thankful for. Even though it was a tough year for all of us, you likely enjoyed some successes and achievements over the past year. Whether that means good health, a new baby, a new job or more time spent with family, we all have things to be thankful for and need to remember that Thanksgiving is a day that was set aside by our government in 1863.

We know that Thanksgiving is likely to be very different this week because of government mandates and suggestions that we scale down family celebrations. Regardless of whether you plan a small celebration or continue with the tradition of a large family Thanksgiving dinner, take time to celebrate the things and people you are thankful to have in your life.

We have endured a lot this past year with shortages of toilet paper, paper towels, flour, meat and other essentials. We have been ordered to wear masks in public settings. Some of you may have even experienced the death of loved one caused by COVID-19. These unpleasant things should cause us to all pause and reflect on what we do have to be thankful for.

Despite the pandemic, we will celebrate Thanksgiving on Thursday and yes, we are open for business! If you need a ride to grandma’s house, we are ready to provide Satisfaction in Every Turn™ on the ride there.

Today, we thank you for your loyalty, your friendship and your business. We are thankful that you have chosen Ecko Worldwide Transportation Group as your ground transportation partner. We wish you and your family a happy Thanksgiving and a wonderful holiday season.