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Streamlining Business Travel with TSA PreCheck and the New Reserve Powered by Clear

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Business travelers know all too well the time-consuming and often frustrating experience of navigating airport security. Long lines, strict security protocols, and the constant race against the clock can make travel days a source of stress. However, in recent years, a game-changing service has emerged to ease the burden on frequent flyers – TSA PreCheck and now there's a new development in the world of expedited airport security, the Reserve powered by Clear, which takes convenience to a whole new level. In this blog post, we'll explore the value of TSA PreCheck for business travelers and delve into the benefits of the new Reserve powered by Clear.

Expedited security screening with TSA PreCheck is a program offered by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) that allows pre-approved travelers to experience a more efficient and streamlined security screening process at U.S. airports. Business travelers who are constantly on the move can significantly benefit from this program, as it offers several key advantages… Faster lanes, no need to remove shoes, laptops or belts, making the process much less cumbersome. The predictability and efficiency of TSA PreCheck security checks reduces the stress associated with air travel, allowing business travelers to arrive at their destination feeling more refreshed and ready for their meetings or presentations.

Accessible at Major Airports

TSA PreCheck is available at more than 200 airports across the United States, including major hubs like JFK International Airport, Los Angeles International Airport, and Chicago O'Hare International Airport. This widespread availability ensures that business travelers can take advantage of the program when traveling to most major destinations.


The cost of enrolling in TSA PreCheck is relatively low, especially when compared to the time and stress it saves. The program typically requires an application fee (valid for five years) and a simple in-person appointment for fingerprinting and background checks. Many companies are willing to reimburse their employees for this expense, recognizing the value it adds to their productivity.

The Game-Changer: Reserve Powered by Clear

While TSA PreCheck is a significant improvement for business travelers, there's an exciting new development in the world of expedited airport security – the Reserve powered by Clear. Clear is a biometric identity platform that offers a seamless and touchless experience at airport security checkpoints. The Reserve is Clear's premium service tailored specifically for business travelers. Here's why it's a game-changer:

Touchless Security

The Reserve eliminates the need for physical ID checks and paper boarding passes. Instead, travelers use their biometric data – typically a fingerprint or eye scan – to verify their identity quickly and securely. This means no more fumbling for IDs or tickets at security checkpoints.

Dedicated Lanes

Clear provides Reserve members with dedicated security lanes, ensuring they bypass regular security lines entirely. This not only saves time but also reduces the chance of encountering unexpected delays.

Widespread Availability

Clear's Reserve service is available at major airports across the United States, including some international locations. For business travelers who frequently fly domestically or abroad, this level of access is invaluable.

Complementary Benefits

In addition to expedited security screening, Reserve members often receive access to priority check-in, baggage drop, and even lounge access, enhancing the overall travel experience.

For business travelers, time is money, and the value of TSA PreCheck and the new Reserve powered by Clear cannot be overstated. These services offer efficient, stress-free, and time-saving benefits that allow business travelers to focus on what matters most – their work and their well-being. Whether it's the convenience of TSA PreCheck or the game-changing technology of the Reserve powered by Clear, these services are essential tools for the modern business traveler.  Ecko Worldwide Transportation is here to make your travel as smooth as possible. Call us today at 1-877-FLY-ECKO to get pricing or to book your next car service because wherever you are traveling, we are already there. As always, We Deliver Satisfaction in Every Turn.