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Six Tips for Bleisure Packing

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Business suit, packed. Bathing suit, packed. If only packing for a bleisure trip was as that easy. Packing for a dual-purpose trip can quickly lead to overstuffed luggage that may result in additional fees for checked baggage. Follow our tips for efficiently packing your suitcase for your next bleisure destination.

Double Duty

Being flexible in your wardrobe choices will help keep your luggage from becoming bulky. Aim to pack items that you can mix and match as you switch between business and leisure activities. Business casual clothes that you can dress up or down typically fit both bills. You could pair a collared shirt with a blazer for a business meeting or wear it with a sweater or statement necklace for a night out. Whatever you pick, make sure you fill your suitcase with items that make you feel confident and comfortable whether at work or play.

Complex Layers

Learn to layer clothing, and you’ll be able to create outfit combinations that you can mix and match for any climate or occasion. Lightweight, wrinkle-free items that can be layered are typically good choices. It may be tempting to bring a bulky sweater or coat if you’re traveling to mild or cold-weather destinations, but by thinking in layers, you may find that a cardigan and a fleece jacket will give you more versatility while taking up less space in your suitcase.

Colors and Prints

Sticking to a streamlined color palette can also help you mix and match like a pro. The more combinations you can pair, the more ensembles you can create. If you choose items that work for both business and leisure activities, you’ll be able to create countless looks out of just a few clothing items. All your layers should work together and be useful. Obviously, this doesn’t mean your travel wardrobe should lack your personality. You can add pops of color or patterns, but you might want to leave those shoes that only go with one outfit at home.

Business Clothes First

While keeping the above tips in mind, a definite way to suit up for your bleisure trip is to determine the dress code for the work portion of the trip. Lay out the clothes you’ll need, then build the wardrobe for the leisure portion of your journey from there. You might find you need to pack fewer items than you thought!

Don’t Forget to Pack the Necessities

Don’t forget any gadgets or essentials for the business portion of your trip: laptop chargers, business cards, or a pen and notebook. The packing list for the leisure portion of your trip will vary depending on your destination, of course, and what activities you plan to do. You may need sandals, a bathing suit, or hiking boots. And for both portions of the trip, there are a few essentials you don’t want to forget such as a Passport if leaving the country, medication, toiletries, and sleepwear.

Picking the Right Luggage

Now that you have everything together you need for your combined business and leisure trip, it’s time to find the right luggage. Be sure to check into your company‚Äôs travel policy around checking bags, or you may end up paying a fee for your checked luggage.

If you’ve taken these tips into consideration, you should be all set with your items for your bleisure trip!