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Post-COVID Travel: Are You Ready?

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Whether you traveled for business weekly or several times a year before the arrival of COVID-19, we assume you are ready to return to travel by now. The entire hospitality industry has missed you. From restaurants to hotels, car services to airlines, we all miss our corporate travelers.

There have been massive adjustments by all of us who provide service for corporate travelers. Ecko Worldwide Transportation Group is proud of our efforts to provide a safe, clean ride. In fact, we were one of the first companies in the world to become certified by CleanSafeRideā„¢. This is the only Training and Certification Program designed to meet the Contagion-related Sanitation and Hygiene Awareness needs of the transportation industry. The training was created and tested by transportation and technology veterans under alignment with CDC guidelines.

With the vaccine being rolled out, now is the time to look ahead to ensure you are ready for a post-COVID return to travel. Now is the time for travel managers to review policies, and technologies during the time of immense change.

With weekly and even daily changes in travel restrictions, suggested quarantines, supplier policies, and emerging solutions announced at every turn, it is important to refresh your policies and even create strategies to stay safe while traveling.

Ecko Worldwide Transportation has implemented the best practices for delivering safety and efficiency for our corporate travelers in an ever-evolving travel landscape. From our end, we are ready!

From your end, a travel readiness checklist should be created to ensure your safety. Understand what hotels, airlines and car services are doing to protect you. While there are new challenges that corporate travelers face, there is also is a very bright future ahead.