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Our Final List of Places to Visit for a Memorable Day Trip in the Bay Area

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The Bay Area is such a whole destination to explore. People from around the world come to visit the San Francisco Peninsula, not just for the popular landmarks, but also the beautiful hidden places just waiting to be recognized and enjoyed. Here is our final list in the 3-part series of places to visit for a memorable day trip.

Winchester Mystery House

This famous home was owned by Sarah Lockwood Pardee Winchester, who continuously renovated and added onto the mansion for decades. The sprawling building measures 24,000 square feet and is full of bizarre twists and turns, hidden doors, and staircases that lead to nowhere. Almost like an escape room adventure, but also a great way to learn about local history.

Pulgas Water Temple

The Bay Area is home to some of the most recognizable landmarks in the world, but even locals may not know about the Pulgas Water Temple, a tranquil monument and reflecting pool in the countryside of Redwood City. San Francisco built this monument back in 1938 to celebrate the engineering marvel that carried water from the Sierra Nevada mountains on a 160-mile journey to the Bay. Only 2 other such water temples exist in the United States.


One of California’s most iconic hidden gems is the tiny beach town of Capitola in Santa Cruz County. It’s best known for Capitola Village, a quaint neighborhood of multicolored homes, hole-in-the-wall shops and fun restaurants right on the water — but you can’t go wrong with a stroll slightly out-of-bounds at Pleasure Point to watch the surfers or some window shopping on 41st Avenue.

Marin Headlands

Only 20 minutes from San Francisco, the Marin Headlands is one of the most accessible places for a day trip from the city. There are many sights and areas to explore, including the Marine Mammal Center, which is the largest in the world. The historic and picturesque Point Bonita Lighthouse, which visitors can enter on certain days and there are beaches and bunkers, including a former nuclear missile launcher.


Last, but not least on the list is Davenport, known for it’s iconic fin-shaped rock at Shark Fin Cove. Neighboring Davenport Beach is a popular place to hunt for sea glass because of its proximity to Lundberg Studios, whose discarded blown-glass trimmings were knocked into the sea during a storm many decades ago. As a result, thousands of pieces of colorful glass have tumbled in the waves for centuries. Another popular unique spot is the site of an old, abandoned pier. The ruins attract photographers from all over trying to capture the scene in an image.

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