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Limousine Etiquette Tips

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We all love riding in the lap of luxury in a limousine. Especially when the experience of the ride makes your occasion a little more special. Whether you’ve chartered a limousine for an anniversary, a wedding, or a night out on the town, a great limousine service always provides a great time! We know that chartering a limousine is a unique experience for most people and you may not be familiar with limousine etiquette and rules that every passenger should follow. 

We have put together a few common rules for you to consider as a passenger.

Passenger Count

As you are making your reservation, you need to know how many passengers will be in the vehicle you are reserving to determine the proper limousine or luxury vehicle that will best accommodate your party. If your passenger count increases for any reason before your reservation, the transportation company will need to know. While it doesn’t seem to be big deal to most, that one extra passenger can make a difference in the vehicle you will be riding in. Your safety is our top priority when it comes to how many passengers can comfortably fit in one of our vehicles. Everyone must have access to their own seatbelt.

No Smoking

Most luxury transportation providers do not allow smoking in their vehicles. This includes vape pens. If you are planning to smoke, be sure to ask ahead of time whether it is allowed. If you or your guests smoke in the vehicle, be aware that most transportation companies charge a hefty fee for this type of incident, much like a hotel. It could cost you hundreds of dollars or even thousands of dollars if you smoke in a bus. It can be very costly for the company as well. Any type of smoke smell, whether from a cigarette, cigar or marijuana has a lasting linger in the vehicle and will need to be deep cleaned a few times inside from an outside company. This leads to the luxury transportation provider to lose money on future rides while the vehicle is out-of-service for clean-up. Please don’t do this for the sake of the company and your wallet.

No Disruptive Behavior

We understand that when renting a limousine or luxury vehicle for your special occasion means that passengers don’t have to worry about a designated driver. This means that many people overindulge during bachelor parties and other celebrations. With that being said, don’t be the obnoxious passenger that had a little too much to drink and now want to fight with other passengers or the chauffeur. This behavior is considered dangerous to both your fellow passengers and your chauffeur. It is completely unnecessary and can result in the ride being canceled on the spot with no refund. Remember, your chauffeur is doing a job for you by keeping you and other passengers safe. They need to feel safe as well. Take note that in the event that you or any passengers get out of control, disrespect the chauffeur, or cause a disruption may result in your ride being terminated on the side of the road. 

End of Your Ride

We truly appreciate your business and allowing us to provide transportation service for you and your guests. We would appreciate it if you left the limousine or luxury vehicle as close as possible to the condition you found it when you first entered. And by this, we mean don’t trash our vehicles with left-over food on the seats or broken glassware. There is usually at least one trash receptacle within the vehicle for you to use. Some luxury car service companies charge an excessive clean-up fee if you leave a big mess, vomit in the vehicle or spill items on the floor.

One of the most common questions we are asked is about tipping the chauffeur at the end of the ride. Here at Ecko Worldwide, we generally offer all-inclusive rates that include a gratuity based on the hour or hours reserved. The standard tipping etiquette in our industry is 15% to 20% of the total limousine rental fee. But it is completely up to you as the passenger whether you want to tip the standard or choose to add a little extra at the end of your ride. It is totally acceptable for passengers who enjoyed the service of the chauffeur to tip as well, even though they may not have rented the vehicle. We discuss more of gratuities HERE.

At Ecko Worldwide Transportation we provide stylish and reliable transportation for any occasion that you may have. We appreciate our passengers who practice great limousine etiquette. We truly pride ourselves in the delivery of outstanding service. If you are looking for luxury transportation for your next occasion, call us at 1-877-FLY-ECKO. As always, We Deliver Satisfaction in Every Turn.