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Increase Productivity While Flying

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Technology Equipment

Do you fear falling behind on emails and job duties while traveling? With a little advance planning, you can eliminate the stress that awaits you upon your return. Begin your planning by purchasing a lightweight, travel-sized laptop. You don’t want a laptop so big that you have to share your seatmate’s tray table. Tablets are another great option for air travel and can often accomplish many of the same tasks as your laptop.

Don’t forget to find a bag to store your laptop and accessories. Look for a bag that has adequate storage space, while still being travel friendly. A pair of high-quality noise-cancelling headphones or earbuds will allow you to concentrate on your work, avoiding the many distractions caused by excessive noise. You may also eliminate the chance of striking up an unnecessary conversation with your seatmate who happens to take notice of your headphones. Need a place for your drinks, snacks, or other accessories?  SpAIRtray has a convenient window tray as a great option to hold smaller items while your tray table is occupied by your laptop. This handy compact item is available on Amazon for about $25. If you are working with confidential information, purchasing a privacy screen filter for your device, may be a wise investment. These filters prevent seatmates and other passengers from seeing the information on your screen.  

Plan in Advance

Make a to-do list before travel begins. Determine what items you’ll need to take with you, such as notepads, important documents, checklists, flash drives portable battery chargers, or important computer files you may need. These items should fit conveniently in your laptop bag. Prioritize tasks based on level of importance or deadlines. While most airlines offer Wi-Fi as an in-flight service, you’ll want to research this prior to booking, to determine availability and pricing. Pro Tip: Purchase wi-fi passes online prior to your date of travel. It costs significantly more if you purchase Wi-Fi on the plane. Perhaps the most important planning is to make sure your devices, including battery chargers are fully charged before heading out to the airport.

Get to Work

Now that you have all of the necessary tools and accessories, and you’ve done your research and planning, you are ready to get to work. Complete as many tasks as possible while in the air, as you’ll likely be exhausted by the time you reach your destination. You’ve already prioritized your work tasks, so begin with the most important items first. If you check your e-mail, respond to only those that require an immediate response. After all, you don’t want to arrive at your destination having only accomplished catching up on e-mails. Take full advantage of this precious uninterrupted time.

Staying Focused

Your noise-cancelling headphones should help with eliminating distractions, keeping you focused on your tasks. Eat small snacks from time-to-time, and continue to stay hydrated to avoid feeling fatigued, and to prevent headaches. While it may seem tempting to have a glass of wine or other alcoholic beverage, it’s best to avoid it to maintain your focus and energy. Time is money! Take small breaks on occasion and consider listening to relaxing music, such as classical or jazz. By following these steps, you will be laser-focused!

A Stress Free

With the proper technology and equipment, along with planning in advance, you can make air travel highly productive. You’ll have all of the necessary technology, equipment, and accessories that you’ll need for maximum productivity. Since you’ll return to your office without a huge pile of unfinished work awaiting you, you’ll be all caught up and stress-free. Now you can enjoy that cocktail!