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Corporate Traveler Tips: When You Miss Your Flight

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Missing a flight can cause all kinds of trouble and panic. Don’t panic, we’ve got the inside-scoop on how to get back on track. Start by taking a deep breath and realizing that it happened and you can’t dwell on it. Missed Connections If you miss a connection, most of the time the airline will take care of re-booking you through to your destination even if you were on another airline and usually you will be placed on the next available flight on standby. There is a high likelihood your bags will arrive before you. Call ahead to the airline are baggage claim office to let them know what happened and make sure they will be open when you do arrive. Also, call your hotel and Ecko’s Dispatch at 1-877-FLY-ECKO and we will reschedule your ground transportation. Stuck in Traffic? If you are delayed arriving at the airport due to traffic or perhaps a late start to the airport, call the airline. The airlines general phone number is on your e-ticket or receipt to inform them of your situation. Save time by going to the airport’s website where you will find an airline contact information page with local numbers for each airline that services that location. Call the desk to speak with a gate agent or ticketing rep at the airport you are flying out of. Before The Gate Closes If you call before the gate closes on your flight, there is a much higher chance that you will be able to switch to another flight without too much fuss. Be nice and briefly explain your circumstances. But avoid long explanations or tearful stories. By contacting the airline before your plane has left, there is a high probability that you are will be placed on a different flight that day. Beware, change fees are steep. Politely ask if the fee can be waived or reduced as many gate agents do have authority to do it. One-Way Tickets If you arrive at the airport after check-in closes for your flight, you are likely out of luck and will need to buy a new ticket. Always ask what the price is for a one-way ticket versus the change fee. It may actually be cheaper to buy a one-way ticket. Don’t beat yourself up about missing a flight. We see it happen all the time to even the most punctual, seasoned travelers. Going with the flow, being flexible and kind even when your upset will help you get to where you are going as eventually.