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Chauffeured Transportation Etiquette and Manners

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For some people, chauffeured transportation is a regular part of life. However, for most, it is an experience that is limited to weddings, funerals, anniversaries and retirement dinners. Whether you are engaging our service for your wedding, your student’s prom, a birthday party or a night on the town, knowing what is proper and expected will help in your planning. Here are some pro tips that you should follow:

Guest Count

All vehicles have a maximum capacity. While we know the vehicles likely look huge to you, there is a limit to the number of people you can safely carry in our vehicles. Make sure you order the right size vehicle for your group. We don’t make exceptions on passenger capacity for safety reasons. Don’t be disappointed.

Entering/Exiting the vehicle

While this may seem like an easy task, women with short dresses can find themselves in compromising positions. The easiest way to enter a limousine or sedan is to wait for the chauffeur to open the door and then take a seat with your legs facing out of the door. Pivot your body to a forward-facing position and if necessary, slide to you desired seat. Many chauffeurs have taught this lesson to young prom-goers.

Party Responsibly

Smoking of any substance (cigarettes, vapes, blunts etc.) is not allowed in any of our vehicles. Please be respectful of this rule as you will be charged an excessive clean-up fee that could run as much as $400. You are welcome to bring your own alcohol and food. While we want you to have a great time, your chauffeur is responsible for the safe operation of the vehicle. Please comply with his/her instructions.

Don’t Trash the Vehicle

While we enjoy providing service for you, please respect our vehicle as you would expect people to respect your home. Empty bottles, cans, or wrappers will be discarded each time you exit the vehicle. Please leave food product on our leather seats. Don’t put your shoes on the seats. When you leave, take everything you brought with you. While we expect to clean-up after the party, excessively dirty vehicles will cause your credit card to be charged an excessive clean-up fee.

About Tipping

General etiquette says you should tip your driver 20% of the rental fee. Some ground transportation companies add this to your total charges and some leave it to your discretion. When booking, you can request to have it added to a credit card automatically.

At Ecko Limo , we provide stylish, safe, and reliable transportation for our clients. We employ highly trained and skilled chauffeurs who provide outstanding service throughout the world. If your plan include luxury transportation in the near future, get a quote by clicking.