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Celebrate California’s Official Wine Month with The Perfect Wine Tour

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September in California is not just about back-to-school excitement or the changing of seasons, it’s also a time when the Golden State raises its glass to celebrate the art of winemaking. With more than 4,500 wineries and over 600,000 acres of vineyards, California is undoubtedly a wine lover’s paradise. To honor the richness of its wine culture, California has designated September as “California Wine Month.” And what better way to make this month truly special than indulging in a wine tour through its picturesque wineries? By adding a touch of style with luxury transportation to your wine tour you can elevate the experience to a whole new level of opulence and enjoyment. In this blog, we’ll explore why September is the perfect time to explore California’s wine country and how luxury transportation can enhance your wine-tasting adventure.

 California Wine Month- A Taste of Tradition

September is not an arbitrary choice for California Wine Month. This month was selected to coincide with the grape harvest, a crucial time in the winemaking process. The vineyards come alive with the buzz of activity as grapes are carefully removed from the vines, setting the stage to produce exceptional wines. It’s a time when wineries across the state open their doors to visitors, offering an opportunity to witness the magic of the harvest and taste some of the finest wines in the world.

Why September for Wine Tours?

Ideal Weather- September brings mild, pleasant weather to California’s wine regions. The scorching summer heat has subsided, making it comfortable to explore vineyards and enjoy outdoor tastings. The cooler evenings add to the charm, making it perfect for savoring a glass of wine under the stars.

Breathtaking Scenery- California’s wine country is known for its stunning landscapes. In September, vineyards are lush and vibrant, with the grapevines laden with fruit. The rolling hills and picturesque wineries create a backdrop that is nothing short of magical.

Harvest Festivities- Many wineries host special events and festivals during California Wine Month. You can participate in fall activities, wine blending workshops, and enjoy live music and delicious food pairings. It’s a time when wineries go the extra mile to provide memorable experiences for visitors.

Exclusive Wine Releases- September often sees the release of new vintages and limited-edition wines. It’s a chance to taste wines that may not be available at other times of the year.

Adding Luxury Transportation to Your Wine Tour

Now, let’s talk about how luxury transportation can make your wine tour during California Wine Month even more special.

VIP Treatment- Luxury transportation often comes with VIP perks, such as access to exclusive tastings and special tours at select wineries, making you feel like a true wine connoisseur.

Comfort and Relaxation- Luxury transportation offers chauffeured private wine tour vehicles providing the utmost comfort and relaxation. You can sit back, enjoy the scenic views, and focus on savoring the wines without the worry of driving…so sip, savor and celebrate!

Safety First- When touring multiple wineries, it’s easy to overindulge. Luxury transportation ensures that you and your group stay safe and responsible throughout the tour.

Customized Itinerary- You can create a personalized wine tour itinerary, visiting the wineries that interest you the most. Your luxury transportation service will take care of the logistics, ensuring a seamless experience.

California Wine Month is an invitation to explore the richness of the state’s winemaking heritage, and adding luxury transportation to your wine tour can transform this journey into an unforgettable experience. So, raise your glass, savor the flavors, and let Ecko Worldwide Transportation take you on a wine adventure that will leave you with cherished memories for years to come. Cheers to California Wine Month!  Reserve today by calling 877-FLY-ECKO.