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What You Can Expect from Ecko in 2021

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As we start to wind down from this very tough year, we want to share with you some of our plans for 2021. Ecko Worldwide Transportation Group is currently comprised of several different ground transportation companies that include Ecko Limo, LimoStop, Excel Limo, California Limo Wine Tours, San Jose Limo and AirOne Limo. Over the course of the next year, some of these companies will be merged into the Ekco Limo brand as we consolidate the operations of companies we have acquired.

It is our goal to be your transportation provider in every city in the world that you travel too. At the present time, we have affiliates in more than 1100+ cities in the world. Whether you are traveling to Kalispell, Montana, or the city of Gangtok in India, we are ready to provide service.

The Ecko Newsletter –

On or about the 1st day of each month, you can expect Ecko to send you a newsletter.  This informative email newsletter has a message from our CEO, corporate traveler education, a spotlight report on an Ecko staff member and also a feature on one of our many affiliates across the globe.

The Ecko Blog –

Every Monday you can come right here to our blog and learn informative travel tips that include everything from how to pack efficiently to how to get hotel room upgrades and more.

Corporate Traveler Education –

Through both our monthly newsletter and our weekly educational blog, you will learn many tips, tricks and secrets of other corporate travelers. We curate some of the best information from great sources. These tips can make life on the road much easier.

Customer Support –

Our customer support is second to none. If you have a special request or need, our team of customer service agents can assist you.

Industry Participation –

You can expect to find us at all industry trade shows whether in-person or through virtual participation. Our President, Harry Dhillon serves on the board of the Greater California Livery Association and is deeply involved in the industry to stay current with trends as well as new technology and advancements. We look forward to seeing our colleagues again in 2021.

Charity Support –

We are a giving company.  From our employees who are involved in numerous charitable events to the discounts we give to charities needing transportation services, we believe in helping charities within the communities we serve succeed in their fundraising efforts.

Customer Service –

You can of course expect us to always be here for you 24/7/365 when you need a ride. You can count on Satisfaction in Every Turn

From our expert reservationists to our highly trained chauffeurs, we are one team that is here to deliver flawless service from the time you place your reservation with us until the time we safely drop you off.

* Photo courtesy of VideoAge