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Uber Lyft vs Ecko Worldwide

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Have you tried to order an Uber recently? You likely found the wait time for a ride to be more than an hour and the fares have climbed to ridiculous levels that often exceed those of a professional transportation provider such as Ecko Worldwide Transportation Group.

Aside from the pricing and on-demand service, there are many things that set us apart from a Transportation Network Company (TNC) such as Uber and Lyft. The most important is the fact that independent drivers are driving their own personal vehicles and cannot possibly match the same level of customer service, chauffeur training, overall safety and the high standards of excellence we provide.

Here are a few Pros & Cons about using a TNC Rideshare:


– A convenient option from anyplace/anytime

– Affordable rates

– Easy to arrange on demand


– TNC Drivers must buy special insurance as their personal auto insurance will not cover accidents while functioning as a TNC. Can you be sure that your Uber driver has done so?

– No drug or alcohol testing is required of Uber/Lyft drivers as mandated in our industry

– No 24/7 live dispatcher watching the vehicle on GPS

– No live person to speak to about a problem

– No criminal background checks completed with fingerprints

– Excessive claims of kidnapping, rape and assault of passengers by TNC drivers

– No formal safety training program for drivers

– Excessive/Unpredictable wait times

– A known history of No Shows and TNC initiated cancellations

– Not regulated in every state

When you hire a professional transportation provider such as Ecko Worldwide Transportation Group, you never have to worry about any of the Cons shown above.

Because we are highly regulated by the California Public Utilities Commission, the California Highway Patrol and the Department of Motor Vehicles, we are required to maintain standards that are much higher than those of an Uber driver.

TNC drivers are Independent Contractors who are basically self-employed, work when they want and how they want with little to no oversight of their performance. In other words, you are literally on your own on for every ride.

When you choose a professional car service, you are guaranteed to ride in a vehicle that is properly insured. If a professional transportation provider’s insurance policy is canceled for any reason, the insurance carrier notifies the Public Utilities Commission (PUC) the same day. The “Authority to Operate” permit is immediately suspended. Airports such as LAX, SFO and others have PUC enforcement officials onsite everyday who use automated license plate readers, commonly known as “alpers” (ALPR) to determine if a vehicle is registered to a transportation provider. It quickly verifies if the operating permit status is valid. The fines for operating illegally stop most companies from engaging in service while suspended.

Ecko Worldwide Transportation Group provides a high level of professionalism that you can count on. We have a long list of satisfied customers that can attest to the fact that we will provide you with the safest, comfortable and efficient chauffeur services on the planet in any city in the world.