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Planning A Business Trip

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Going on any trip requires planning. However, a business trip typically requires a lot more planning to maximize the investment of travel, accomplish your goals and maybe squeeze in a little bit of sightseeing. Business travel requires attention to small details such as appropriate attire, ground transportation, hotel selection based on meeting locations as well as making advance dinner reservations for important client dinners. From hotel accommodations to flight bookings, a successful and productive business trip starts with good planning and organizing.


There are two types of transportation needed for most business trips. Air transportation and ground transportation. Let’s take a quick look at both:

Air Transportation:

Determine which flight you take based upon two factors: Flight schedules that meet your needs in your destination city is most important. Loyalty programs should also drive your decision for the airline of choice. If you plan to sleep during most of your flight, save money by flying coach rather than Business Class or First Class. However, if you are traveling during a meal period and plan on getting work done on your laptop, Business Class or First Class is the way to go.

Ground Transportation: A worldwide company like Ecko Worldwide Transportation can handle your ground transportation needs in virtually any city in the world. Call 877-FLY-ECKO to place orders for limousines, luxury sedans, SUVs or even full-size buses.


Before booking a hotel, use an online map to see exactly where your meetings are in relation to the airport and your hotel. Check out the restaurants located in and around your hotel that might be considered for business lunches or dinners. Save money by choosing hotels that offer a free breakfast. Maximize your budget while finding convenience as well. If you are a member of hotel rewards programs, always stay with the brands you prefer and always book directly with the hotel for the points.

Business Meetings

If your travel takes you to different time zones, make sure you factor that into your meeting scheduling. Consider jet lag and don’t book an appointment too early for your body. If you are hosting a meeting that needs AV equipment, book it well in advance. Consider providing snacks and beverages for long meetings and book that service with the hotel Sales & Catering staff. They may also be able to set up meeting space for you if you are purchasing food and beverage.


Whether you can spare an hour, a day or a maybe even a long weekend, try to incorporate places around you that you can visit while you are there. There may be some fun evening activities to enjoy during any downtime. Some tourist attractions require advance reservations. If nothing else, be sure to experience local cuisine. Avoid chain restaurants and hotel restaurants and enjoy local food made by local people.