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Hotel Safety Tips – Staying Safe and Secure

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Life on the road can be a little dangerous for travelers of all kinds and many dangers are presented along a journey. Use these tips to stay safe and secure on the road!

1. Keep your computer’s firewall on when using the public Internet.

Public networks such as airports, airplanes, restaurants and hotels are very dangerous places. Don’t get hacked. Unless you really have a need to connect for speed, use your cellular function.

2. Keep your antivirus software up to date and be careful what sites you visit.

This is for the same reason listed above. Hackers not only want to steal your information but they can also infect devices.

3. Flip the door latch in your hotel room.

This is very important. Hotel clerks issue the wrong room key and room assignments much more frequently than you might imagine. From strangers to cleaning personnel, your room could be accessed at any time. Use the latch!

4. Familiarize yourself with the emergency exit plan for your room.

Glance at the exit plan for your room and the rest of the hotel – just in case. Every hotel room has a sign on the inside of the door that shows the emergency exit route. You will be one step ahead if you need it. Keep the things you MUST take with you all together. Do not try to throw everything in your suitcase in an evacuation. Just get out!

5. Put the do not disturb sign on anytime you leave the hotel room.

This will keep people out of your room when you are out of it. Unless you want daily housekeeping, just leave the sign on your door.

6. Leave the TV on when not in the room.

This safety tip can be used in conjunction with the preceding tip. By leaving the TV on (and the do not disturb sign on the door) potential intruders are likely going to find an easier room to rob.

7. Carry a Personal Safety Alarm

These devices are small sirens on a keychain or similar device. Having the ability to trigger a siren on a key chain to draw attention to yourself and a bad situation is comforting and practical.