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Gratuitous Gratuities

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Limousines have long been a sign of fancy outings since their inception. These glamorous cars stagger any passerby with their extravagant length and polished exteriors. They are a staple for any grand event, from Hollywood’s red carpet events to local weddings, chauffeured vehicles are the choice for those arriving at these fancy events.

Ecko Worldwide Transportation always employs the best of the best when it comes to picking our chauffeurs. This is done for the sake of providing our customers with the most comfortable ride possible that will even justify the money they’ve paid for the car.

Chauffeurs exist to comply with your needs and keep things orderly and safe. They serve a great purpose that ranges from tour guides to security and baggage handlers to concierge providers. Since riding in chauffeured vehicles is not an everyday experience for most, passengers sometimes end up in situations where you might not be sure how to the chauffeur. Sometimes people ask us if everyone in the vehicle is expected to tip in the same manner a party would in a restaurant. Worrying about little details like this can dampen the mood.

Financial Planning

Getting a limousine itself can be a rather pricey endeavor. It is after all considered, luxurious. That’s why we use them for those special moments in life. Because limousines are usually chartered for luxurious experiences, it stands to reason that financial planning is in order. Budgeting your night out is exceptionally important.

The first step is to incorporate the price of your limousine into your overall budget. Contact Ecko Worldwide Transportation to check for pricing and expenses.

Next, plan the places you intend to visit and the prices of those locations. If you are going to an event that has all expenses covered, you don’t have to worry about it in terms of budget. But, if it’s a place where some expenses are expected, revise how much those will be.

By having a proper budget planned out and spare money to go, you can make sure you don’t end up in an awkward situation where you are short on money to tip your chauffeur. That would be the same as enjoying a nice meal and stiffing your hard-working food server.

A Chauffeur’s Salary

While it is good manners to tip people serving you, it’s also a task that can sometimes be rather stressful or mathematically challenging. It can make us feel anxious if we are unsure how much we should tip. In some industries such as the hospitality industry, employees truly rely on tips for their survival.

The job of a professional chauffeur isn’t easy. While most who aren’t knowledgeable about the job would simplify it down to just driving a vehicle, there’s much more that goes into it. The person driving the limousine is also the person waiting for you in the parking lot the whole night, arriving quickly as soon as you call, and keeping the ride smooth. They also need to maintain proper manners and etiquette if they are working. There’s a decent amount of discipline involved and on top of that one must have attention to detail to really punctuate the whole experience by making sure the vehicle is kept immaculately clean so each time you enter the vehicle it looks as if it has been freshly prepared for you. Routes are carefully selected based on the time of the day and traffic conditions. They may even be responsible for washing the vehicle before and after your ride.

After all that effort, what do chauffeurs get paid? Well, the average nationwide salary is about $45,000. This comes with an average hourly wage of $23. Chauffeurs rely on tips to earn a decent wage. So, while an average driver will do okay without any tips, it’s still far from being ample compensation for the effort invested toward your luxurious experience.

Standard Tipping

A chauffeur’s tip, like most tipped workers, depends on the level of service delivered. Much like a room service attendant, a bartender or food server, it’s assumed you’ll tip your chauffeur. Even if a minimal gratuity has been included in the price, tipping a driver for good service is a nice practice. If the service is exceptional, the added tip comes as a form of gratitude without being too painful on the wallet.

The most common tip added by limousine services is about 15% of the service total. This means that no matter the price of the service is, you should budget an added payment to reward a chauffeur for exceptional service. The tip amount should be reflective of the quality of the experience though. If the chauffeurs behavior was subpar or diminished your overall experience, you need not worry about tipping above what you have already been charged. Exceptional service should be rewarded with an additional  

tip in recognition of their efforts.

When a chauffeur adds a positive experience to your night out, make sure they are properly rewarded. We hope that you found this article helpful for your next transportation reservation. Remember, we provide service in virtually every city in the world. Call us at 877-FLY-ECKO to book your transportation.