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Choosing an Airport Shuttle Service

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Whether you a traveling to the airport by yourself, with your family or in a large group, airport shuttles can ease the stress of the airport arrival, finding your terminal, parking your car, and lugging around your baggage. No matter what airport you are traveling to, we can get you there, stress free. For about the same amount as you would spend for fuel, parking and personal time, you can hire an airport shuttle to arrive stress-free and ready to fly. Never choose an airport shuttle service based strictly upon price. You may find yourself in an old smelly vehicle with drivers who smoke and vehicles that might not even be road worthy. Here are some tips for choosing the right airport shuttle for you:

Company Reputation

While there are tons of airport shuttle services, we are not all created equal. To check the reputation of a shuttle service, call some of the nicer hotels in your area and ask them who they recommend. Ask a friend, colleague or family member who they use. If you are arriving in an unfamiliar city, sites like Yelp and TripAdvisor can give you a good idea of quality service providers based upon reviews.

Mode of Travel

Airport shuttles come in all flavors. Groups traveling with lots of luggage should probably get an SUV. If you have just two people, a nice Lincoln Continental or Cadillac XTS would be fine. Shuttle buses are easier to get in and out of for older people. Ask about the vehicle options available. Don’t forget to ask if they assist with luggage and have child safety seats available if you need this.

How Much$$

Stay within your budget. Once you figure out how much money you are willing pay for safety, convenience, and efficiency, look for a company that fits within that budget and share your budget with them up front so the company can best guide you based on needs and price. Consider the cost of parking, driving, fuel and other factors against the cost of an airport shuttle.


Airport shuttle services can get very busy during holiday weekends or when special events are in town. Check to see if they will be available to pick you up when you land. Make sure to ask about extra fees for early morning or late-night pickups.

Who Will Be Traveling With You?

Using a shuttle service means there could be other passengers onboard. Ask the company to confirm if this is a shared ride service where you will pick up others along the way or whether your party will have exclusive use of the shuttle. You can book an exclusive shuttle with a flat rate for your whole party. If they charge by the passenger, this is usually a shared airport shuttle.

Other Advantages

Shuttle companies are very punctual and efficient. They usually monitor flight schedules and will advise you any plane delays. Likewise, if your plane is coming in late, your shuttle service will know this. They will arrive at the appropriate time without a phone call or email.

Using an airport shuttle service is convenient, reliable, and inexpensive. Most shuttles are comfortable and will manage your luggage for you. Airport shuttles have experienced drivers who will point out attractions and landmarks on the way. They know exactly what terminal you need to be dropped off at. When you are ready to book, call 877-FLY ECKO for transportation in any city in the world.