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5 Reasons to Book a Car Service Instead of a Ride-Share

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With the growing safety concerns regarding Ride-Share services such as Uber and Lyft, more and more companies and individuals are booking car services for transportation. The fact is –  Ride-Share apps engage plenty of drivers with shady backgrounds. Far too often we hear about sexual assaults, harassment and even worse occurring with ride-shares. Using a ride-share service is the equivalent of electronic hitchhiking with all the same dangers. Now, more than ever it’s becoming even more clear why a professional Car Service is the better choice. Here are the top 5 reasons to book a car service instead of a ride-share.


  1. First and foremost, car services provide professionally trained chauffeurs who are put through vigorous background checks including a multi-state driving record check to ensure excellent driving skills with a clean driving record. Once hired, chauffeurs go through extensive training. Car services are mandated to perform random drug and alcohol testing. These are things a rideshare service does not do and they are not required to do so. Chauffeurs are entrusted to drive celebrities, Fortune 500 CEOs and government dignitaries. The standards for chauffeurs are much higher than ride-share drivers.


  1. Chauffeurs provide a stellar customer experience by having exceptional people skills, knowledge of their service area including venues, restaurants, airports, hotels, and resorts. They also have vehicle and safety knowledge and must display proper etiquette, and appropriate attire. You will not receive this level of service from a ride-share. If you are looking for the best Italian restaurant in a city you are visiting, your chauffeur will know where it is located and likely has their phone number in his phone to make a quick reservation for you. A ride-share driver won’t be prepared for that.


  1. Dependable and Reliable. A professional car service maintains a fleet of vehicles that consists of newer model luxury vehicles that are meticulously maintained. They are cleaned and sanitized between every single assignment and offer a worry-free comfortable ride. A ride-share service leaves it to the driver and, many times the vehicles are not cleaned for days or weeks and may not be properly maintained. 


  1. Luxury vehicles, including Mercedes S-Class sedans transport you in luxury, style, and safety. You’ll enjoy upgraded premium amenities for your comfort. Most ride-share platforms just require a later model 4-door vehicle of any kind and you really never know whether you’re going to get a Toyota Camry or a KIA Sportage. Whatever you get will likely not have upgraded features and may even be damaged or dirty.


  1. Size and Variety. If you have a large group, car services usually have SUVs, limousines, Mercedes Sprinter Vans or minibuses to handle any size group for any purpose or occasion and can accommodate a single rider up to hundreds of passengers. The best options you’ll receive with a ride-share service vary and cannot be guaranteed.


Aside from the reasons listed above, ride-shares are not always transparent about liability issues and can often limit their liability by classifying their drivers as independent contractors. This leaves you at risk in the case of an accident or incident. Car services are required to maintain liability insurance or have their license to operate revoked or suspended.

Finally, there is a documented rise in no-shows with ride-shares which is more than a nuisance when you’re trying to make a flight or get to a meeting or event on time. In many cases passengers reported still being charged and had a cancellation fee added. Avoid the hassle of ride-shares and deal with a reputable professional transportation provider.

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