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F-550 Mini Coach


The Ford F-550 executive mini coach is configured with premium leather seating, premium audio and a 48" LCD TV screen this vehicle is designed for the perfect luxurious ride.

  • 26 + 1 seats
  • 24 luggage capacity



The Ford Freightliner executive mini coach is fully loaded with premium triple-stitched leather upholstery seating in 2-by-2 rows. Each row contains 110V/USB outlets. Each window on this vehicle has attached manual shaders for a full private transportation.

  • 37 + 1 seats
  • 34 luggage capacity

E-450 Mini Coach


With 6 built in LCD monitor screens and a premium audio system this vehicle is set to provide a luxurious, entertaining ride.

  • 23 + 1 seats
  • 23 luggage capacity

Mercedes Sprinter


The Mercedes Benz Executive Sprinter Van offers premium leather seating to convey the luxury clients expect, equipped with a refrigerated ice-chest and a premium surround sound system.

  • 14 + 1 seats
  • 14 luggage capacity

Freightliner (White)


Single solution for group transportation. It has capacity of 37 passengers with rear luggage, panoramic front viewing window, DVD player premium rear audio, plus many more luxury items

  • 37 + 1 seats
  • 37 luggage capacity

50 Passenger Mini Coach


Large premium vehicles to handle all your group transportation needs. Equipped with latest technology & luxury amenities.

  • 50 + 1 seats
  • 50 luggage capacity