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Pro Tips for Mastering TSA Security Checkpoints

Post by : Admin on Dec 30,2021

The biggest delays at the airport happen in the TSA Security Checkpoint area. This is a combination of inconsistent TSA policies that vary from airport to airport to the occasional traveler who has no idea what to expect and bogs down the screening process, causing delays for everyone behind them.

We’ve put together some useful tips that will guide you through a speedy screening process. While our tips will help speed you along, knowing the TSA rules about liquids, food products and other carry-on items is a great place to start in speeding up your time in the security checkpoint.

To view the TSA rules – click HERE.

Tip #1 -          Our most important tip – Get TSA PreCheck®. The cost is $85 for five years. That’s about $17 a year for the convenience of not having to remove your shoes, belt, laptop/electronics and  liquids. You literally breeze through security with TSA PreCheck®

Tip #2 -          If you don’t have TSA PreCheck®, prepare yourself before arriving in the screening lane. Remove your belt and store it, along with your wallet (except for your ID) in your carry-on bag. You should have nothing in your pockets or on your person except your ID and your cell phone (used as a boarding pass). If you must untie your shoes to remove them, do it in line before you reach the grey bins. Place your laptop/tablet/electronics in a single bin by itself. Place your shoes, belt and liquids in another bin. Make sure your liquids are in a single Zip-Loc bag together. Pro Tip: Wear shoes that slide on/off easily.

Tip #3 -          Stack your grey bins while on the table. Place your electronics on the bottom, shoes/belt and liquids on top. Leave your carry-on suitcase and backpack off the table until the last minute. Feed your grey bins through first and your carry-on bags last. If your bags get snagged for inspection, you can put your shoes and belt back on while TSA does their thing with your bags.

Tip #4 -          Look at who is in line ahead of you. Never take a place in line behind a family traveling with young kids or a college student that looks lost. Follow the business travelers for speed and efficiency. They rarely have their bags pulled for inspection since they know the rules.

Tip #5 -          Know where all the TSA Checkpoints are in an airport. You can go through anyone of them as long as you can ultimately get to your assigned gate without leaving the secured area. Sometimes it might be faster to use a checkpoint that is close to United Airlines gates even though you are traveling on Southwest Airlines. Search out “hidden” checkpoints to get thru even faster.

Tip #6 -          Once you have made it through the checkpoint, GET OUT OF THE WAY!  Don’t try to put your shoes back on while in line. They have chairs nearby for that. Grab your stuff, move to the chair area and reassemble your belongings there. Never clog up the checkpoint area trying to reassemble in the checkpoint area.