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Corporate Travel Tips: How to Breeze Thru the Airport

Post by : Admin on Sep 10,2020

Getting in and out of airports can be a real hassle. Here are some business traveler tips that will help you breeze through the airport, through security and onto your plane.

Avoid Airport Parking ~
Parking your car at the airport can be expensive, risky and time consuming. Park too close and you’ll end up paying premium parking fees. Park too far away and will be at the mercy of the shuttle bus. Getting a ride to the airport from a professional car service/limo service will likely be cheaper than the parking lot fees and much more convenient by dropping you off at the curb outside your airline. Professional chauffeurs know where you need to be dropped off based on your flight information which is collected in advance of your travel day by the transportation company as standard procedure.

If You Must Park ~
Take a photo of your car next to a landmark or sign. It will be easier to find when you return home. Get a phone number for the shuttle bus company and enter it into your phone just in case you need it.

The Security Checkpoint Process ~
This is one of the most important business travel tips we can offer: Get TSA Precheck!

Whether you take advantage of a free TSA Precheck enrollment offered by American Express, Capital One, Chase or many of the airline loyalty programs or you opt to pay the $85 fee (good for 5 years), TSA Precheck will expedite you through the screening process and save you lots of time.

Familiarize yourself with the rules for liquids, food product and electronics BEFORE you arrive at the airport.

If You Don’t Have TSA Precheck ~
You can still do your part to keep the line moving by being ready when you enter the screening line:

• Take your belt off and store it in your carry-on
• Empty your pockets and store the contents in your carry-on
• The only thing in your hands should be your ID and your phone
• Once you have entered the TSA line, store your phone & ID in your carry-on bag.
• Have your laptop or tablet ready to come out of your bag and into the plastic screening bin. Place it in a screening bin alone with nothing else in the bin.
• Wear shoes that easily slip on and off.
• Stack your bins with the laptop on the bottom to make more room for other passengers to place their stuff in bins. Separate the bins just as they go through the x-ray machine.
• Avoid getting in lines that have families with children. They likely don’t travel much and will delay the line.
• Once you pass through security, collect your belongings and reassemble everything at the benches. Don’t clog the line trying to put your belt and shoes on while trying to put your laptop back in your carry-on.

Exiting the Airport ~
Obviously, it is easier to get out of the airport than into the airport. Here are some tips that can make it easier for you to breeze through quickly:

• As soon as you come off the plane, text or call your driver and ask which door you should exit. Airport doors are almost always numbered for this purpose. If you are using a car service, determine where you will meet.
We suggest the baggage claim area or the bottom of an escalator from the arrival level.

• If you must retrieve checked luggage, make sure your luggage has something clearly indicating it is yours. A ribbon tied to it, a decal applied to it or a brightly covered handle cover.

• If you must claim your luggage, notify your driver when the luggage from your plane starts coming down the chute so he/she will be ready at the curb once you claim yours. If you have a professional chauffeur, he will retrieve
your luggage and carry it to the waiting vehicle.