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Convenience: Behind the Scenes of Your Airport Pick-Up

Post by : Admin on May 20,2021

In our new blog series, “Convenience”, we will share some various conveniences of hiring a car service. Car services are also known as limousine services, chauffeured ground transportation, limo companies and charter services. No matter what you call us, our goal is to make your life convenient! Airports are a hectic place. It is a world where novice leisure travelers taking an annual vacation collide with experienced corporate travelers who use airports every day. To the travelin...

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Earn Cashback Rewards with Loyalty Dollars

Post by : Admin on May 17,2021

We are proud to introduce - Cash Back Rewards! We realize how important it is to recognize our clients for loyalty. We have recently implemented a 5% Loyalty Dollars program that rewards those who booking ground transportation with us. “The majority of our reservations are booked by administrative assistants and travel bookers”, says Ecko's President, Harry Dhillon. The rollout of the new loyalty program was originally announced in April in our monthly newsletter. We will...

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Post by : Admin on May 06,2021

The Department of Homeland Security has once again extended the deadline for its REAL ID requirement, an enhanced identification card (typically a driver’s license) issued through your local DMV for the purposes of domestic air travel. Those who choose not to get the REAL ID will need to use a valid U.S. passport or another federally approved ID at airport security checkpoints instead. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas made the announcement in late ...

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The Benefits of Hiring Chauffeured Car Service

Post by : Admin on Apr 22,2021

There was a time back in the 70’s and 80’s where only wealthy people used chauffeur services. By the 90’s, chauffeured transportation became widely available for anyone who wanted to charter a limo. The term “limo service” has become someone antiquated today. Ecko Worldwide Transportation Group is considered a luxury ground transportation company. Most “limo services” now offer sedans, SUV’s, vans and even full-size motorcoaches. Why Hire a Grou...

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Wine Tasting 101 - Wine Tours are our Specialty

Post by : Admin on Apr 15,2021

One of the most popular reasons for chartering a chauffeured vehicle is to go wine tasting. California Limo Wine Tours is one of the many sister companies of Ecko Worldwide Transportation Group. Nestled in the heart of California wine country, we provide wine tour service nearly every weekend using sedans, SUV’s, limos and buses to fulfill an exciting day of wine tasting. Wine tours are a favorite group activity for many occasions such as corporate events, bachelor parties, birthdays, e...

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Chauffeured Transportation Etiquette and Manners

Post by : Admin on Apr 08,2021

For some people, chauffeured transportation is a regular part of life. However, for most, it is an experience that is limited to weddings, funerals, anniversaries and retirement dinners. Whether you are engaging our service for your wedding, your student’s prom, a birthday party or a night on the town, knowing what is proper and expected will help in your planning. Here are some pro tips that you should follow: Guest Count All vehicles have a maximum capacity. While we know the vehic...

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Serving Up True Hospitality

Post by : Admin on Apr 01,2021

Businesses engaged in hospitality such as hotels, restaurants and limo companies rely on their employees to deliver hospitality. Hospitality is defined as a relationship between a guest and a host. While the host’s name might be Marriott, the actual delivery of hospitality is provided by the employee representing Marriott and interacting with guests of the hotel. The employee is the actual host during service delivery. Here at Ecko Worldwide Transportation Group, we recruit and search f...

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Post by : Admin on Mar 25,2021

Hotels have many little secrets they don’t want you to know about. There are also secrets you might learn about that hotel staff doesn’t care about you knowing. They don’t mind taking a movie or minibar charge off of your bill. While we are not advocating theft, the hotel minibar is the most disputed charge in the hotel industry. If you complain about a charge for something that was missing from the minibar, without discussion, the charge will be removed. This is just one littl...

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A New Era for Corporate Ground Transportation Companies

Post by : Admin on Mar 18,2021

Business Travel News recently hosted an educational summit for corporate travel buyers that was specific to the Ground Transportation industry. BTN is the leading global source of business travel and meeting information, news, data, analysis and research. Their audience includes corporate travel managers, procurement/sourcing executives and travel management professionals who purchase/manage billions of dollars of business travel and meetings annually. Corporate travel buyers from around the...

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