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Post by : Admin on Mar 25,2021

Hotels have many little secrets they don’t want you to know about. There are also secrets you might learn about that hotel staff doesn’t care about you knowing. They don’t mind taking a movie or minibar charge off of your bill. While we are not advocating theft, the hotel minibar is the most disputed charge in the hotel industry. If you complain about a charge for something that was missing from the minibar, without discussion, the charge will be removed. This is just one littl...

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A New Era for Corporate Ground Transportation Companies

Post by : Admin on Mar 18,2021

Business Travel News recently hosted an educational summit for corporate travel buyers that was specific to the Ground Transportation industry. BTN is the leading global source of business travel and meeting information, news, data, analysis and research. Their audience includes corporate travel managers, procurement/sourcing executives and travel management professionals who purchase/manage billions of dollars of business travel and meetings annually. Corporate travel buyers from around the...

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Bitcoin: Using Crypto for Travel

Post by : Admin on Mar 11,2021

Have you ever wondered if you can use bitcoin to pay for travel? Or, perhaps you are wondering what bitcoin is. We will attempt to answer both questions for you. What is Crypto? The first cryptocurrency was established in 2008 in the form of bitcoins. Bitcoins are basically a digital cash system that is separate and independent from government cash. Transactions are based on cryptographic methodologies. The concept centers around a decentralized distributed ledger of all transactions. The ...

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Travel Necessities for Corporate Travelers

Post by : Admin on Mar 05,2021

Corporate travelers know that there are certain items that are essential to travel. These items can range from a quality suitcase to headphones and toiletries. If you are not expecting rain, leave the umbrella behind. You can buy an umbrella for under $10 if you need one. Also, there is no need to carry an international power adapter if you are not leaving the country. The information below assumes that you will take basic items such as a cell phone, a toothbrush and clothing so they are omitted...

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What Food Can You Bring on a Plane?

Post by : Admin on Feb 25,2021

Have you ever wondered if you are able to bring food from home on the plane? With so many rules about what can and cannot be brought onboard, we thought we would share the rules as well as our own practical advice. It is perfectly fine to bring Tupperware containers filled with great food prepared at home. However, things like boiled eggs or tuna sandwiches might not be the best choice. The same can be said for McDonald’s French Fries. If you didn’t bring enough French fries for ...

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New Rules for Flying in a Pandemic

Post by : Admin on Feb 11,2021

When traveling by plane, the fear of Covid-19 will always be present. With so many people crowded into the airport and then seated in a confined space, the fear is merited. New rules have been implemented by the government as recommended by the CDC. The key to ending the pandemic is that we all strive to do our part to decrease the spread so everyone can resume traveling peacefully. You’ve probably already noticed the various measures now required for air travel. When you get to the ai...

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Video Conference Meeting Etiquette

Post by : Admin on Feb 04,2021

While Zoom meetings have existed since 2011, it wasn’t until the pandemic arrived in 2020 that many people first learned of Zoom. Working from home thrust the app company into mass usage as employees began working from home. In the span of less than a year, virtual team meetings have become a part of the daily work routine for millions of workers. Whether you use Zoom, Skype, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams or Go-To-Meeting as a platform, professional conduct while participating in video c...

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Breeze Through the Airport Like a Pro

Post by : Admin on Jan 28,2021

traveling causes anxiety. Learn some of the tips and tricks that frequent flyers use to make the airport experience less stressful by understanding how things work. Arrive at the airport with expectations and a plan. Arriving and departing the airport can be much less stressful if you eliminate the parking situation. No more looking for a spot, waiting for a tram, loading your luggage into the tram and making the loop around the airport. Use a chauffeured car service to be dropped off in fron...

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Work from Home - Is it Here to Stay?

Post by : Admin on Jan 21,2021

Before the COVID-19 crisis arrived, many companies had experimented to some degree with remote working conditions. While the intentions were good, the idea didn’t really catch in the way that companies might have envisioned. The pandemic basically crammed the idea down the throats of Corporate America as tens of millions of people transitioned to work-from-home mode virtually overnight. No matter what industry you work in, things changed. The one service we need the most right now is h...

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