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Corporate Travel Tips: How to Pack Efficiently

Post by : Admin on Aug 24,2020

Making the best of routine corporate travel means knowing how to pack efficiently. Efficient packing starts with packing your stuff into a quality suitcase and packing your suitcase correctly will be extremely beneficial when you arrive at your destination. Pack Light This is the most important part of packing. You don’t need nearly as much as you think you do. Eliminate extra weight you will have to lug around and the possibility of having to check your luggage. Skip the extra pair of jea...

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Corporate Traveler Tips: Traveling Safely During COVID-19

Post by : Admin on Aug 11,2020

Ecko Worldwide Transportation Group takes great pride in the delivery of best-in-class transportation service around the world. That commitment to service includes providing useful tips for our clients. The thought of traveling for business again might seem a little unnerving. Here are some tips that can help you prepare to safely return to the skies under a new normalcy. Relationships Are Key Having established relationships with national or global travel providers can eliminate much anxiet...

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Corporate Traveler Tips: Safety Tips for Female Travelers

Post by : Admin on Aug 10,2020

Corporate travel routinely present dangerous scenarios for corporate travelers visiting unfamiliar cities, staying in hotels and working in unfamiliar venues. Any number of things can go wrong. Women traveling for business might face more challenges than their male counterparts. In fact, an astonishing 83% of female business travelers have reported experiencing a safety concern while traveling for business. We have compiled safety tips women should know when traveling for business. Chauffeur ...

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COVID-19 and Corporate Travel

Post by : Admin on Aug 03,2020

As a provider of corporate transportation across the globe, Ecko Worldwide Transportation Group is carefully monitoring the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on business travel. We know that health and safety questions are looming on the minds of business travelers who have likely been grounded since March. We are eager to return to business as usual but know that "usual" will be redefined in the coming months and even years. Obviously COVID-19 will have a significant impact on the way ...

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Selecting a Corporate Transportation Provider

Post by : Admin on Jul 27,2020

Corporate travel represents a large sector of people you will see in hotel lobbies, and airports. Simply put, corporate travel is big business. The decision of selecting a company to provide the best transportation for you and your work team is an important one. If you make the decision based upon price and go with companies like Uber, Lyft or other network companies, you might be placing your team in jeopardy as these private individuals driving people around are not subject to the same federal...

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Corporate Traveler Tips: When You Miss Your Flight

Post by : Admin on Jul 18,2020

Missing a flight can cause all kinds of trouble and panic. Don't panic, we've got the inside-scoop on how to get back on track. Start by taking a deep breath and realizing that it happened and you can't dwell on it. Missed Connections If you miss a connection, most of the time the airline will take care of re-booking you through to your destination even if you were on another airline and usually you will be placed on the next available flight on standby. There is a high likelihood yo...

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