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What The Pandemic Taught Our Company

Post by : Admin on Aug 05,2021

Every day seems that we are moving closer and closer to entering Pandemic version 2.0. This time around, America has been educated about COVID-19 and more importantly, how to protect yourself in a pandemic. Americans are no longer willing to hunker down in their homes and sacrifice their lifestyles and freedom. President Biden and Dr. Fauci have both publicly declared there will be no further lockdowns. There is no reason to cancel plans to travel this time around. A record number of people ...

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Lost Luggage Tips

Post by : Admin on Jul 28,2021

If you’ve ever been unfortunate enough to lose your luggage while traveling, you know how frustrating and inconvenient the experience can be. Just leaving the airport without your luggage is a painful experience. The most important thing you need to know is that airlines usually reunite passengers and their luggage within 24 to 48 hours. We have created a comprehensive step-by-step guide to help you navigate the experience and perhaps even find reimbursement for related expenses. The a...

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Why Buses Rarely Crash

Post by : Admin on Jul 21,2021

You have likely never thought about the fact that buses are rarely involved in crashes. Now that we have made you think about it, you probably cannot think of one time that you have personally witnessed a bus crash with your own eyes. You may see bus crashes in the news. That is because buses crashes happen so infrequently that when they are involved in crash – it makes the news. The reason buses and other commercial passenger vehicles such as limousines, shuttle vans and similar passen...

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Your Hotel Room Is not As Safe as You Think

Post by : Admin on Jul 17,2021

As a traveler, you likely know the peaceful feeling of settling into your hotel room after a long day of travel. Imagine waking up in your hotel room to find a stranger in your room. This happens much more frequently than you might imagine. It was early in the morning when Jerry and Alicia, an elderly couple woke up to find a stranger in their room. They chose the Fairfield Inn and Suites for their stay as it was the newest hotel to open in the small town of Monahans, Texas. The property is ...

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Leisure Travel Bounces Back

Post by : Admin on Jul 08,2021

People who previously enjoyed travel for pleasure before the pandemic are eager to get back to it. Reservations for airport transfers has soared in the past few weeks. However, our business travelers seem to be lagging in getting back out on the road. While things are certainly getting back to normal, it is a different normal: domestic travel is surging, but international travel is still depressed given the ongoing concerns about health and safety in other countries. By definition, leisur...

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Who Needs a Job

Post by : Admin on Jul 01,2021

Where have all the workers gone? Like most companies in America, we are struggling to find qualified employees. Scratch that! We are struggling to find anyone who wants to work. Forget about the word “qualified”! We can train people – if we had anyone to train. From restaurants to transportation companies, 911 centers to retail stores, you can find signs everywhere that proclaim – NOW HIRING! The pandemic caused many people to become unemployed through job furloughs, ...

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Behind The Scenes Moving 200 People

Post by : Admin on Jun 24,2021

Being part of the luxury transportation industry gives us unique opportunities to see what happens behind the scenes. Whether that means being backstage during an Eagles concert or driving legendary entertainers such as the late Bob Hope. Our window to the world is beautiful. We participate in transporting large groups of people regularly. Because of confidentiality, we can’t share much of what we see. However, we can share some of the oddities. The president of a worldwide oil company req...

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Uber Lyft vs Ecko Worldwide

Post by : Admin on Jun 17,2021

Have you tried to order an Uber recently? You likely found the wait time for a ride to be more than an hour and the fares have climbed to ridiculous levels that often exceed those of a professional transportation provider such as Ecko Worldwide Transportation Group. Aside from the pricing and on-demand service, there are many things that set us apart from a Transportation Network Company (TNC) such as Uber and Lyft. The most important is the fact that independent drivers are driving their own...

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Hiring a Corporate Transportation Provider

Post by : Admin on Jun 10,2021

Whether you need a client picked up at the airport or are taking an important client to dinner, hiring a chauffeured transportation provider to provide corporate transportation is not only a nice gesture, but a practical decision. Out of town guests will appreciate the stylish ride from the airport to the hotel. Likewise, clients who indulge in a few cocktails with you over a business dinner will appreciate the fact that they don’t have to worry about driving home from dinner after dri...

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