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Visit Our Backyard: San Francisco - Part 2

Post by : Admin on Jun 08,2022

As we continue to help you explore our backyard here in San Francisco, we know that our area has so much to offer that it can be hard to decide what tourist spots to visit. We’ll help you out by sharing some of our favorites and most iconic sites in San Francisco. Coit Tower This slender white concrete column rising from the top of Telegraph Hill, has been an emblem of San Francisco’s skyline since its completion in 1933. Its observation deck provides 360-degree views of the ci...

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Visit Our Backyard: San Francisco - Part 1

Post by : Admin on Jun 02,2022

Summer has arrived and your kids are ready for a vacation. San Francisco has many fun experiences for families to enjoy. We’ve got the perfect ride for your family, no matter what size family you have. Let’s get started with the most iconic of all landmarks in California, The Golden Bridge. The Golden Gate Bridge The striking orange bridge is a symbol of San Francisco and California. It is also synonymous with the United States. We’ll drive you across the 4,200 foot suspe...

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Professional Limousine Services in San Jose

Post by : Admin on May 27,2022

We realize there are many choices when it comes to hiring a limousine service in San Jose. However, the choices are not all equal. You’ll find many San Jose car services who operate from their home, almost like a hobby.  Ecko Worldwide Transportation is headquartered right here in San Jose. We provide airport limo service in San Jose, California as well as San Jose, Arizona, San Jose, Illinois and San Jose, New Mexico. Whether you are looking for wedding transportation su...

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Southwest Airlines Steps Up Their Game

Post by : Admin on May 18,2022

As more and more people return to flying in a post-pandemic world, airlines are scrambling to lure these travelers back to their respective brands. Southwest Airlines has stepped up their game to meet the needs of business, leisure and bleisure travelers. Airlines regularly survey customers to determine what their expectations are and implement changes and improvements to meet those needs. Here are some of the enhancements that Southwest will be rolling out: In-Seat USB Chargers The req...

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Planning Your Wedding Transportation

Post by : Admin on May 12,2022

Your wedding day is most likely the most special day of your life. Here is a quick guide to help you plan for that special day, including when to book your transportation and who you should consider in your transportation planning. Our goal is to provide you with luxury wedding transportation with a memorable experience. When to Book Wedding Transportation Once your wedding date is secured, it is time to book your wedding transportation. Book your transportation as soon as possible to ma...

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Six Tips for Bleisure Packing

Post by : Admin on May 05,2022

Business suit, packed. Bathing suit, packed. If only packing for a bleisure trip was as that easy. Packing for a dual-purpose trip can quickly lead to overstuffed luggage that may result in additional fees for checked baggage. Follow our tips for efficiently packing your suitcase for your next bleisure destination. Double Duty Being flexible in your wardrobe choices will help keep your luggage from becoming bulky. Aim to pack items that you can mix and match as you switch between busines...

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Hiring a Chauffeured Vehicle for Corporate Events

Post by : Admin on Apr 28,2022

Hiring a chauffeured vehicle allows you to arrive at your corporate event in an elegant vehicle and make a grand entry. There are many other benefits to hiring a chauffeured vehicle for corporate events. We will outline a few of them for you. Make Guests Feel Special Providing guests with a luxurious limo trip to and from the event will make them feel welcomed. Those traveling by plane will appreciate knowing that a luxury vehicle is waiting for the at the airport to transport them to the ...

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Creating Corporate Travel Policies - Part 5

Post by : Admin on Apr 21,2022

We are concluding our mini-series for creating a policy manual for employees traveling for business. If you already have your own policy guide, you can check it against ours and refresh it as needed. In this final installment, we will encourage you to dust of your old policies for travel and embrace the way millennials like to travel for business. Bleisure Travel If your work force includes millennials, you will quickly notice that they might approach traveling for work differently from pa...

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Creating Corporate Travel Policies - Part 4

Post by : Admin on Apr 14,2022

We are continuing our mini-series for creating a policy manual for employees traveling for business. If you already have your own policy guide, you can check it against ours and refresh it as needed. Our series includes setting policy for expenses such as hotels, airfare, and ground transportation. This installment explains how to get your employees to adhere to policy. Common Implementation Concerns Once your policies are complete and ready to distribute to your traveling employees, you m...

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