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Why You Should Hire an Airport Car Service

Post by : Admin on Jan 19,2022

For most people, traveling is stressful. The uncertainty of flight delays, cancellations and long TSA lines are all top concerns of air travelers. Adding to that stress is the need to find a parking spot that won’t cost an arm and a leg and getting to the terminal from the parking lot. The cost and hassle of parking a car at the airport makes an airport car service a logical choice. If you are going to spend $100 on airport parking, you might as well spend it on a car service and reap t...

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Business Travel on Course for Corporate Travelers

Post by : Admin on Jan 14,2022

The rapid spread of the new COVID-19 variant is the latest wrinkle in the road to recovery for the business travel industry. For those who serve the corporate traveler such as hotels and meeting space facilities, they aren’t so quick to introduce new restrictions or requirements this time around. The Global Business Travel Association Survey GBTA is the world’s largest business travel association. In a membership survey of global travel buyers, suppliers, and industry stakehol...

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Legislators Call for Mandatory Vaccines for Plane Travelers

Post by : Admin on Jan 07,2022

Could the day come where people traveling on airplanes must be vaccinated or be denied boarding? It is possible after a U.S. Senator and three members of Congress published a letter urging the Centers for Disease Control and the Federal Aviation Administration to make vaccines mandatory for domestic travel or show proof of a recent COVID test with a negative result. The letter was authored by Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA), Representatives Eric Swalwell (D-CA), Ritchie Torres (D-NY), and Don...

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Pro Tips for Mastering TSA Security Checkpoints

Post by : Admin on Dec 30,2021

The biggest delays at the airport happen in the TSA Security Checkpoint area. This is a combination of inconsistent TSA policies that vary from airport to airport to the occasional traveler who has no idea what to expect and bogs down the screening process, causing delays for everyone behind them. We’ve put together some useful tips that will guide you through a speedy screening process. While our tips will help speed you along, knowing the TSA rules about liquids, food products and oth...

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Getting Stuck in the Airport

Post by : Admin on Dec 21,2021

Most of us have experienced an unexpected delay or worse, the cancellation of a flight. You can choose to spend the time being miserable and complaining, or you can make the most of the delay by being productive during this dreadful time. Getting Business Done For a fee, many airlines offer one-day passes to their business lounges. If you don’t already have access through one of your credit cards or airline loyalty programs, a one-day pass is a great option. Business lounges provide ...

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Introducing Bleisure Travel

Post by : Admin on Dec 15,2021

You might have recently heard the term, “bleisure travel”. The word bleisure was coined to combine business travel with leisure travel. Bleisure travel is an emerging trend in business travel that extends the business visit and allows employees to spend time exploring or relaxing in the destination city. Bleisure commonly includes taking friends or family along for the business journey, and provides a memorable experience for employees who must travel for business. Benefits Whe...

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Why You Cannot Always Have Your Favorite Chauffeur

Post by : Admin on Dec 09,2021

We love when our customers request a particular chauffeur for an upcoming trip. It says a lot about the way the chauffeur represents our company. We know that in your eyes, your chauffeur IS the face of our company and the person that you have the longest and most interaction with. We don’t like when we must turn down your request for your favorite chauffeur. We understand that the familiarity with your chauffeur makes for a comfortable experience for you. We want you to be comfortable...

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The Value of Airport Limo Service

Post by : Admin on Dec 07,2021

In 2019 the New York Post published a study that found that most people spend the equivalent of 19 full workdays each year of unproductive time while stuck in traffic. For business travelers traveling regularly by air for business, the number of workdays lost will be even higher. Using an airport car service isn’t just about traveling in style or luxury. It provides additional productive work time. Here are some additional benefits of using an airport limo service in San Jose. Stress Fr...

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3 Practical Ways to Stay Healthy While Traveling

Post by : Admin on Dec 02,2021

As business travel resumes, corporate travelers are flocking to the skies again. You may be concerned about upcoming business trips and your personal safety. One thing to take note of - air travel is much safer than was previously expected and that is largely due to the mask mandates while traveling on a plane. According to the CDC, you have a relatively low chance of contracting COVID while traveling. As long as you take precautions by wearing your mask and using the antibacterial wipes that...

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