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Benefits of Hiring a Car Service for Wine Tasting

Post by : Admin on Mar 17,2022

Wine tasting is one of our most popular services. Since we are located in Northern California, we are in close proximity to the famed Napa/Sonoma wine country. This is where many of America’s most popular wineries are located. Silver Oak, Caymus, Duckhorn, Jordan Vineyard, Louis Martini and many others are located in this region. There are so many wineries in the area that it would be impossible to see all of them in a day, a week or even a month. From the big wineries mentioned above t...

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Top Benefits of Hiring a Professional Limo Service

Post by : Admin on Mar 17,2022

  There are many benefits of hiring a professional limo service. While some might see using chauffeured transportation as a luxury or maybe even a little pretentious, booking with a limo rental service can provide peace of mind for special occasions and corporate business travelers. Corporate travelers who use airport limo service are more productive since the chauffeur takes care of the driving while traveling executives can take care of important business while riding.The most obvio...

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Skyrocketing Fuels Costs Will Affect Business Travel

Post by : Admin on Mar 09,2022

Transportation companies across America are feeling the effect of skyrocketing fuel prices. It isn’t just the ground transportation companies like limousine services, black car services and charter bus companies. The airlines are feeling the increases too and the major airline carriers say that big price hikes are right around the corner. That’s not good news for us and it’s certainly not good for corporate travel budgets coming on the heels of the pandemic. During the heigh...

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Choosing the Right Carry-On Luggage

Post by : Admin on Mar 03,2022

There are many advantages of traveling with carry-on luggage as opposed to checking a bag. Some benefits include eliminating the time to check your bag with airline personnel, the time spent waiting for your luggage to show up on the baggage carousel, and of course the dreaded lost luggage situation. Not to mention, you have access to your stuff while on the plane. With so many options today, choosing the right carry-on luggage can become a challenge. We’ll share important considerations. ...

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Tips for Boosting Corporate Traveler Immune Systems

Post by : Admin on Feb 25,2022

Even as the COVID-19 pandemic seems to be winding down, you likely have made some changes to your hygiene habits. You have certainly become more aware of germs and high-touch areas such as handrails, elevator buttons and door handles. Corporate travelers are routinely exposed a massive amount of germs since airplanes, hotels and meeting spaces are filled with them. There are a few things you can do to boost your immune system and stay healthy before travel and during travel. Here are some tips: ...

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Creating a Business Travel Checklist

Post by : Admin on Feb 16,2022

If you have ever arrived at your destination and discovered that you left something important behind, you know the frustration it causes. The best way to avoid disappointments like this is to create a Business Travel Checklist that is customized to you. You likely have a running to-do list and you can think of a checklist as a similar organizational tool. Forgetting an item can cause wasted time going to a store to buy what you need. But what if you forgot to bring the flash drive that has your ...

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Business Travel Surging

Post by : Admin on Feb 10,2022

Worldwide business travel spending is expected to jump more than 37% this year to more than $1 trillion. While this sounds great, it will only get better from here. According to the Global Business Travel Association’s new forecast, business travel will not fully recover until 2024. Surges in the Omicron variant, combined with slow vaccination rates and supply chain problems have continued to hamper the full recovery. The pace of business travel recovery is crucial for airlines, hotels,...

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Be Business Ready When You Land

Post by : Admin on Feb 03,2022

Consider Carry-On Only If you don’t have to check a bag – don’t do it! Did you know that checking a bag can add up to an hour of wasted time? You must arrive at the airport with enough time to stand in line to check your bag in. When you arrive at your destination, you will wait in the baggage claim area to retrieve your luggage. If your luggage is lost, you will spend another hour dealing with the claim form. makes a perfect size carry-on with a side compartm...

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Getting On the Road Again

Post by : Admin on Jan 28,2022

While corporate travel has resumed since the arrival of the Covid pandemic, it has not returned to previous levels. In recent surveys of corporate travelers, personal health safety was the biggest concern of travelers. The ground transportation industry is working tirelessly to take the steps necessary to protect our passengers. In surveying our customers, we have identified several key concerns and share with you the efforts we are making to instill confidence while traveling with us. One a...

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