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The Value of Airport Limo Service

Post by : Admin on Dec 07,2021

In 2019 the New York Post published a study that found that most people spend the equivalent of 19 full workdays each year of unproductive time while stuck in traffic. For business travelers traveling regularly by air for business, the number of workdays lost will be even higher. Using an airport car service isn’t just about traveling in style or luxury. It provides additional productive work time. Here are some additional benefits of using an airport limo service in San Jose. Stress Fr...

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3 Practical Ways to Stay Healthy While Traveling

Post by : Admin on Dec 02,2021

As business travel resumes, corporate travelers are flocking to the skies again. You may be concerned about upcoming business trips and your personal safety. One thing to take note of - air travel is much safer than was previously expected and that is largely due to the mask mandates while traveling on a plane. According to the CDC, you have a relatively low chance of contracting COVID while traveling. As long as you take precautions by wearing your mask and using the antibacterial wipes that...

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Crushing Hotel Sleep Insomnia

Post by : Admin on Nov 24,2021

As a corporate traveler, or a normal human being, we all experience insomnia from time to time. It can be caused by stress, anxiety, and time zone changes. All three of these conditions are usually present during a business trip. The first night in a hotel is almost always a tough one due to jet lag. Why You Can’t Sleep You’ve likely seen those people who can sleep anywhere, right? They cram themselves into small places and head blissfully to sleep at will. These are the same p...

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All You Need to Know About Thanksgiving

Post by : Admin on Nov 18,2021

We all likely relate Thanksgiving to turkey, stuffing, cranberries, green bean casseroles and pumpkin pie. In fact, today might be a good time to reset your scales back about ten pounds. You know on Thursday you will likely indulge in way too much food in celebration of Thanksgiving – and because you can! When Thanksgiving Began In 1621, English Pilgrims held a celebration of good harvest meal at Plymouth Plantation in Massachusetts. They shared that meal with their Native American n...

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Carry On vs Checked Baggage

Post by : Admin on Nov 11,2021

Corporate travelers rarely check their bags. However, sometimes it becomes a necessity even for a seasoned traveler who wants to avoid checking a bag at all costs. We’ll explain some pros and cons between checking bags and storing bags in an overhead bin. Definition – Checked vs. Carry-On Baggage Checked Baggage: Checked baggage is suitcases, containers, snow skis, child seats etc. that are delivered to airline or train personnel for transportation in the cargo hold of an airc...

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Improving Corporate Travel Policy

Post by : Admin on Nov 05,2021

When it comes to sending employees on business trips, corporate travel managers are tasked with controlling company costs, while ensuring a pleasant travel experience for the employee. Travel Managers must consider the preferred vendors, methods used to book travel, and the reimbursement process. In addition, travel managers must ensure policy compliance. If an employee waits too long to book a flight, there may be a drastic cost increase. If the employee fails to reserve a hotel room, big troub...

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Increase Productivity While Flying

Post by : Admin on Oct 28,2021

Technology & Equipment Do you fear falling behind on emails and job duties while traveling? With a little advance planning, you can eliminate the stress that awaits you upon your return. Begin your planning by purchasing a lightweight, travel-sized laptop. You don’t want a laptop so big that you have to share your seatmate’s tray table. Tablets are another great option for air travel and can often accomplish many of the same tasks as your laptop. Don’t forget to find...

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Hotel Hacks You Need to Know

Post by : Admin on Oct 21,2021

We realize that many of our clients travel for business. Choosing the right hotel for your stay can help improve efficiency, reduce costs, and provide a better overall experience. From free breakfast to room upgrades, additional bonus points and more, we’ll share some pro traveler secrets that will improve your hotel game. Choosing Your Hotel The single most important tip that we can offer you is this: Choose one hotel brand and be loyal to them. Our favorite is Marriott. The Marriot...

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All About Hotel and Airline Upgrades

Post by : Admin on Oct 14,2021

You have likely heard stories from friends or colleagues who claim they got a free upgrade. These stories are likely tall tales. The truth is, there are ways to get upgrades with hotels and airlines – but you have to pay, one way or another. Let us share some tips with you that will likely help you get an upgrade. Hotels and airlines reserve the upgrades for those customers who are loyal to them and those customers generally pay for upgrades at a much lower rate than others can get. Ask...

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