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Precautionary Measures When Traveling by Plane

Post by : Admin on Sep 23,2022

When packing for a trip, most travelers tend to focus on what to pack, and less of a focus on how they are packing. The ways in which a traveler packs and keeps their personal belongings can make a difference between a good and bad travel experience. By following these precautionary measures while traveling by plane, you can ensure your belongings will not only arrive at your destination safely but will not be misplaced. Label Your Luggage If you have a generic-looking luggage bag, a lugga...

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Knowing Your Rights with the Air Carrier Access Act

Post by : Admin on Sep 15,2022

Important Information for Travelers with Disabilities   Traveling for most people can be nerve-racking to say the least. But traveling with a disability can be far more overwhelming when it comes to boarding an aircraft. Did you know that there’s a Bill of Rights for air travelers with disabilities under the Air Carrier Access Act? Here is what the Bill of Rights consists of: The Right to be Treated with Dignity and Respect: Disabled passengers cannot be discriminated b...

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Gratuitous Gratuities

Post by : Admin on Sep 08,2022

Limousines have long been a sign of fancy outings since their inception. These glamorous cars stagger any passerby with their extravagant length and polished exteriors. They are a staple for any grand event, from Hollywood’s red carpet events to local weddings, chauffeured vehicles are the choice for those arriving at these fancy events. Ecko Worldwide Transportation always employs the best of the best when it comes to picking our chauffeurs. This is done for the sake of providing our ...

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Selecting the Right Vehicle for Airport Trips

Post by : Admin on Aug 31,2022

There often comes a time when you need a ride to the airport or need to be picked up because it isn’t practical to leave your car in airport parking for long periods or you are working out of town and have no car. While there may be plenty of taxis and ride-share vehicles lurking around the airport, using a car service might be a better option. The question is: What type of vehicle do you need and what is the basis for choosing a vehicle. An error in judgment here can cost you big. We offe...

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Be Prepared When Entering TSA Screening Lines

Post by : Admin on Aug 26,2022

Unless you fly private, going through TSA checkpoints is unavoidable. We’ve all been there, stuck behind a person who is ill-prepared for the process. Or maybe that’s been yourself. Either way, it can be frustrating. Below is a list of common mistakes to avoid and should make your airport security experience as smooth as possible. Arriving Unprepared You won’t be able to pass through security without your boarding pass and/or proper identification. If you are traveling in...

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The Perfect Night Out

Post by : Admin on Aug 18,2022

So, you’re planning a special night out. Maybe you’re headed out to celebrate a birthday, or maybe you’re celebrating a wedding. Whatever the occasion, it’s important to consider your transportation options. When you have a special night planned, you want to do everything you can to make it that much more memorable. Hiring a luxury car service can do just that. Here are a few of the ways in which a hiring a luxury car service can make your special night a little more spec...

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About Those Cocktails

Post by : Admin on Aug 15,2022

If you are a CEO, sales executive or upper-level manager, business travel is more than likely a part of your life. While the travel can be a welcome change of scenery, eating healthy while traveling also poses a significant challenge if you are trying to maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle.  Here are a few of our favorite tips for eating healthy while traveling: 1. Pack Your Own Snacks When you travel for business, you never know when you might encounter an unexpected delay at th...

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Hotel Booking Hacks for Travel Bookers

Post by : Admin on Aug 05,2022

When it comes to booking a hotel for business travelers hotels, your job might not be an easy one if you are the booker. It’s not always easy to match all the preferences of each individual traveler that you might be responsible for. You might be asked to schedule a last-minute trip with very few rooms available when someone decides to attend a convention at the very last minute. When you have options, it’s a rewarding job to find quality accommodations that align with your company t...

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A Guide to Corporate Team Building Bus Rentals

Post by : Admin on Jul 28,2022

One of the greatest ways to build team spirit and provide a fun team building experience is through group events held outside the workplace. However, if you are the one planning this event you will soon realize that various factors will come into play such as finding the right transportation. We have compiled some tips to guide you through the process of chartering a bus for your group: Schedule Your Bus Ahead of Time If you are planning a trip, make sure to do it as early as possible,...

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