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Halloween 2020 - By the Numbers

Post by : Admin on Nov 02,2020

Halloween arrived this past Saturday. The pandemic caused some uncertainty as people debated whether they would take their kids trick or treating, whether they would hand out candy or attend a Halloween party and risk catching COVID-19. It’s safe to say that haunted houses were scrapped. But, Halloween on a Saturday, even in a pandemic is hard to simply skip. Americans spend a fortune on Halloween and both adults and children seem to love dressing up in costume. So, are you wondering how the p...

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Apparel Tips for Business Travelers

Post by : Admin on Oct 22,2020

I’ll start this particular blog by revealing that as the author of Ecko Worldwide Transportation Group’s blog, I am a guy, so my hacks probably lean more toward men’s fashion and hacks. Still worthy of reading ladies. I always try to pack as light as possible while trying to maintain some semblance of professionalism just in case I run into a client or colleague at the airport. Here are my best travel apparel hacks: 1. Comfortable shoes (and socks!) Whether you are standing on a trade...

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10 Tips for Staying Healthy During Travel

Post by : Admin on Oct 14,2020

Traveling can be a disruption to the healthy routines we follow at home. From sleep disruption to food choices, we become limited in options that help us maintain a healthy lifestyle while on the road. Here are 10 tips you can use to maintain a healthy balance on the road. 1. Bring your workout gear Bring a pair of running shoes and some workout shorts or yoga pants. Maintaining an exercise rhythm can also help you avoid illness by keeping your body in shape. 2. Workout BEFORE dinner. A...

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5 Tips For Selecting a Hotel

Post by : Admin on Oct 08,2020

#1 - Stick with a Hotel brand If you travel on a regular basis, earning points with hotels is the equivalent of earning “status”. In fact, your status level can go from Gold to Silver to Platinum and the perks of these status levels is well worth the loyalty. Some benefits of having status with a hotel brand include free breakfast, room upgrades, access to the concierge lounge, bonus points and free snacks in your room. The most important benefit is customer service. Hotels bend over backwa...

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Hotel Safety Tips - Staying Safe and Secure

Post by : Admin on Oct 01,2020

Life on the road can be a little dangerous for travelers of all kinds and many dangers are presented along a journey. Use these tips to stay safe and secure on the road! 1. Keep your computer’s firewall on when using the public Internet. Public networks such as airports, airplanes, restaurants and hotels are very dangerous places. Don’t get hacked. Unless you really have a need to connect for speed, use your cellular function. 2. Keep your antivirus software up to date and be careful...

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Chauffeured Rides: Is it a Luxury or Practicality?

Post by : Admin on Sep 24,2020

There are many people who likely see chauffeured transportation as a luxury or maybe even a little pretentious. There are probably some corporate travel bookers that see chauffeured transportation as an unnecessary and lavish expense. Chances are that the booking agent has never actually lived life on the road or experienced the benefits of having a driver take care of the driving while executives take care of business while riding. Let’s take a look at the practicality of chauffeured trans...

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How to Land New Clients in a Covid Economy

Post by : Admin on Sep 15,2020

There is a good chance your business has been disrupted in some way by the coronavirus pandemic. As you know, it came on sudden and impacted most of businesses in some way. Many businesses have been left without clear government guidance on how to safely reopen or even when it might be safe to reopen. This makes planning the future difficult as we navigate through uncharted territory. It is what it is. Now is the time to embrace the situation and find new ways to do business as a matter of survi...

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Corporate Travel Tips: How to Breeze Thru the Airport

Post by : Admin on Sep 10,2020

Getting in and out of airports can be a real hassle. Here are some business traveler tips that will help you breeze through the airport, through security and onto your plane. Avoid Airport Parking ~ Parking your car at the airport can be expensive, risky and time consuming. Park too close and you’ll end up paying premium parking fees. Park too far away and will be at the mercy of the shuttle bus. Getting a ride to the airport from a professional car service/limo service will likely be chea...

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Real ID: Everything You Need to Know

Post by : Admin on Sep 03,2020

As you likely know, air travelers have been told for the last two years that you must have a Real ID to board a plane beginning 10/01/20. That date has now been pushed back one year to 10/01/21 due to COVID-19. REAL ID Enforcement Begins October 1, 2021 Beginning October 1, 2021, every air traveler 18 years of age and older will need a REAL ID compliant driver’s license or other acceptable form of ID to fly within the United States or enter federal facilities What is the REAL ID act? ...

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