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Breeze Through the Airport Like a Pro

Post by : Admin on Jan 28,2021

traveling causes anxiety. Learn some of the tips and tricks that frequent flyers use to make the airport experience less stressful by understanding how things work. Arrive at the airport with expectations and a plan. Arriving and departing the airport can be much less stressful if you eliminate the parking situation. No more looking for a spot, waiting for a tram, loading your luggage into the tram and making the loop around the airport. Use a chauffeured car service to be dropped off in fron...

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Work from Home - Is it Here to Stay?

Post by : Admin on Jan 21,2021

Before the COVID-19 crisis arrived, many companies had experimented to some degree with remote working conditions. While the intentions were good, the idea didn’t really catch in the way that companies might have envisioned. The pandemic basically crammed the idea down the throats of Corporate America as tens of millions of people transitioned to work-from-home mode virtually overnight. No matter what industry you work in, things changed. The one service we need the most right now is h...

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Leisure Travel Begins a Return

Post by : Admin on Jan 15,2021

The pandemic has clearly changed the world. Today, we will share some factors that business leaders should keep in mind as they pivot to a new sense of normalcy and consider the return of corporate travel. Since March of 2020, business leaders have scrambled to adapt to some extraordinary circumstances in the areas of HR Management, Customer Service, Product Delivery, Client Retention and Communications. Entering 2021 has not stopped the pandemic. Yet, we have hope on the horizon as the dist...

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Post-COVID Travel: Are You Ready?

Post by : Admin on Jan 07,2021

Whether you traveled for business weekly or several times a year before the arrival of COVID-19, we assume you are ready to return to travel by now. The entire hospitality industry has missed you. From restaurants to hotels, car services to airlines, we all miss our corporate travelers. There have been massive adjustments by all of us who provide service for corporate travelers. Ecko Worldwide Transportation Group is proud of our efforts to provide a safe, clean ride. In fact, we were one of...

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Welcome to a Year of Hope

Post by : Admin on Jan 04,2021

Welcome to 2021 and what is hopefully a kinder year than 2020 was. They say that hindsight is 20-20. With that in mind, let us not look back over our shoulder at where we have been but rather, look forward to where we are going. We clearly learned how to live and survive in a pandemic. Just because the year changed from 2020 to 2021 does not mean the pandemic no longer exists. But, more importantly, as we arrive in 2021, we arrive with hope. The hope exists with modern medicine and scien...

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Good Riddance 2020

Post by : Admin on Dec 23,2020

One year ago this week, we had so much promise ahead of us as we prepared to enter into 2020. The year 2020 had such a nice sound to it. TWENTY-TWENTY. It was a year that sounded so futuristic back in the 60’s and 70’s. We had so much hope for what the futuristic 2020 would deliver to us. What 2020 actually delivered was the equivalent of two black eyes, a bloody nose and a few broken ribs. 2020 arrived simply enough like the beginning of each new year. We had new goals, new resol...

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Monitoring Depression in the Pandemic

Post by : Admin on Dec 18,2020

One of the nasty side effects of the COVID-19 pandemic is depression, anxiety and fear of the unknown future. As salons, restaurants, bars, gyms and other businesses have closed, the opportunities to socialize with fellow humans has been dramatically reduced and is not within our control. Since we have been asked to “socially distance” since March in hope that we can get the virus under control, many people feel isolated and alone. What used to be a quick trip to the grocery store ma...

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PPP Loan Forgiveness Information - News You Can Use

Post by : Admin on Dec 10,2020

While we usually try to stay within our lane, we know that many of our corporate clients and business accounts took advantage of the PPP loans offered to help businesses stay afloat during the pandemic. Along with those loans came much confusion about whether it was forgivable and if so, how do you ask for forgiveness. We have some important information from the Small Business Administration (SBA) that includes a simple one-page forgiveness application. If your loan was less than $50,000 you...

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What You Can Expect from Ecko in 2021

Post by : Admin on Dec 03,2020

As we start to wind down from this very tough year, we want to share with you some of our plans for 2021. Ecko Worldwide Transportation Group is currently comprised of several different ground transportation companies that include Ecko Limo, LimoStop, Excel Limo, California Limo Wine Tours, San Jose Limo and AirOne Limo. Over the course of the next year, some of these companies will be merged into the Ekco Limo brand as we consolidate the operations of companies we have acquired. It is our go...

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